Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Saturday Ride

Light snow...overcast...wind chill in the teens. When you round the corner and see familiar faces you second guess yourself a little less. Even so, my mind searches for a reason to turn around. Camaraderie holds you accountable in those first bone chilling moments. You tell yourself things like "I'm not crazy" and "okay...maybe a little but at least I'm not the only one". Finally, the road rises doubts subside and the feeling starts to return to your fingers. This morning was pure Ozark adventure. I've been riding these parts for ten years and discovered new roads today. In good company...

Ozarkia begins here. Sector 1.

The sign says it all. Pavement ends. Sector 2.

Man down. First flat in the belly of the beast.

Tube change turns into a Cannondale commercial.

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