Thursday, April 17, 2014

Avoca Road Race III

Near perfect conditions for the Avoca road race last night. Spring is here and the dogwoods are starting to bloom. There is hardly another place on earth I want to be right now. About 30 folks towed the line in the A race . A mix of 1-2-3's with almost all NWA cycling teams represented and even a couple guys from Little Rock based SimplexQ Racing Team made the trek up. It was a really good scene for the local cycling community. The course is super fun a perfect mix of terrain. Big thanks to Jason Evans and volunteers for promoting these races. The series overall is ridiculously close and promises to be a backstreet brawl for that top step! Getty up.

 Main group finishing.

Post race chat with the boyz.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Picking up the Pieces

system, check…two
warm up with Johnny Law
at the po-po station
do all po-po’s shave their heads?
legs feel good…(hesitation)
Orange Bike sighting
Wyman Rd.-Round Mt.-Black Oak-Blood Bath
wind NW
chatting will end soon
Memphis has a go
start’em rotating
catch made
how are the legs?
Lightning Holt on the wheel
small group bridging
new pavement IS awesome

Although…hard to enjoy…
when eyeballs are bleeding
Captain launches
torn to shreds
leap frog wheel-to-wheeeeeel
catch made
PZ has a dig
Round Mtn looming
that dude is crazy
first ramp
PZ still up
JMSR has a go
latch on to The Lung's wheel
then Lighting Holt’s wheel
JMSR tosses the white
Lighting Holt pulls the saddle
dam PZ’s still raging
Lightning Holt attacks the kicker
The Lung goes
giver all she’s got!
Scotty here…you’re *&$&#@ sir
dangling at 10
The Lung receives crown & kudos
tasting blood’s my own
Black Oak looming
rotating again
shots fired
gotta hold the wheeeeel
getting my teeth kicked in up here
on Black Oak now
BCO setting a good pace
carnage everywhere
dry bones falling back to earth
picked up MOOTS then Memphis
Johnny Law, what’s Stages saying?
never to see the front again
total melt down
chatting again
picking up the pieces with a smile

Good times.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend Ride Notification 4/11

Top of the morning to you. Flanders is done & dusted and The Queen of the Classics, Paris-Roubaix is this Sunday! We have fantastic weather on tap for Saturday. Get outside folks enjoy spring!

WHF ride wheels hot @ 8 from Brits & Turks. Most of us are racing the Eucha Tough Road Race on Sunday so the plan is to take it easy and ride 30 miles or so. Pace, ice cream social. Link to route

12:30 ONYX Coffee Lab ride. Route TBD. Usually 3 hours of saddle love. Pace, spirited.

Eucha Tough Road Race. A great race course just over the border in the Okie State. Click on the link for details.

Ride fast, be safe & steer clear of the couch,

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ronde. Van. Vlaanderen.

Although I didn't get the showdown (Tomke-Peter-Spartacus) I was hoping for, the Ronde did not disappoint. I found myself on the edge of my seat couch in the final kilometers. Cringing inside as each of the final 4 had a dig. Congrats to Spartacus for another savvy performance. One for the history books. Some takeaways from the greatest one day bicycle race on earth.

-Taylor Phinney was impressive setting up GVA in the final. He looked the strongest of his breakaway companions. I'm from the US, so I always keep tabs on US riders. I'm hoping this is a sign for a good result this Sunday.

-Crashes, so many. Cancellara lost Devolder & Rast and still wins. Even more impressive.

-OPQS easily the strongest team came up short in a big way. Anyone else having trouble distinguishing who's who. They are all built the same. Thank goodness we get a second chance at the Tomke-Spartacus duel. 

-GVA was a boss. Animating the race in the final all the while towing a large boat behind. I was happy to see Vandenbergh finally get dropped. "He was following orders." Terrible. The more GVA loses the more I become a fan. He rides with panache and doesn't lose from lack of trying. But did he ride a little too much in the final?

-Devolder hit the deck twice (maybe three times) and finishes. Stud. 

-Peter Sagan, no amount of bike trickery could help him when the poo-poo hit the fan (who is throwing poo-poo at the fan?). Would've loved to see him in the mix but school was in session and Spartacus was teaching a master class. Can't wait for Sunday.

-Sep Vanmarcke can hold Spartacus' wheel. Enough said.

What a day. Bicycle racing is a beautiful thing. Any other insights on the big day?