Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Shorts 7/29

Well...I survived another Grand Tour. I'd like to thank my coach for helping me prepare. My computer, cyclingfans.com and wi-fi for staying consistent. My boss for allowing me to listen to it in the background at work. Also for lengthy discussions each day about the previous stage. A special thanks to my wife for acting interested. Remembering key names and asking me what happened everyday. I am exhausted. "So what will you do now?" you ask. I plan to go on holiday, probably a beach somewhere with no TV, internet access or cycling coverage of any form or fashion. I'll probably read a book, eat lots of cheeseburgers and drink some beer. Put on a few kilos. That is what my coach recommended if I want to be good for the Vuelta a Espana...Horner!  

Is this why the beard seems to be popular in the PRO peloton in 2014?

Is this the new July? Is the globe getting warmer? Probably. Let's just call it another gift. 

Group Rides. Get out there folks!


Good Bikes ride. Leaving @ 6:30 from Good Bikes (on MLK across from Lowe's). It is intended to be a recovery pace, no-drop, skills-building/technique ride. Everyone is welcome. Hosted by University of Arkansas Cycling & Good Bikes. See Good Bikes or Arkansas Cycling on Facebook for more info.


Tuesday Night World Championships leaving @ 5:30 from The Bike Route or @ 6 from Brits & Turks. Pace brutal. This is a 'try and drop you' kinda ride. Route TBD.

Bellview Elementary
-Leaving @ 5:45 B group (average speed 17-19). Intermediate pace, plenty of of regroups.
-Leaving @ 6:00 A group (average speed 19-21). Fast pace, with a couple regroups.


Summer Crit Series. Evans Events is putting on a summer crit series every Wednesday starting June 18th-Aug. 27th in Rogers. Local crits are a great way to get your feet wet if you are a first time racer. For the experienced it's about building/sharpening race fitness. Click here for more information.


Athlete Forward/The Bike Route beginner ride. Leaving @ 6:00 from Owl Creek Middle School. Pace easy-moderate. No rider left behind.

Highroller Cyclery ride. Leaves @ 6:15 from Baum Stadium. Route TBD. About 30 miles or so. No drop. Check their Facebook page each week for details.

BCO bike build. If you were looking for another opportunity to help with getting bikes in the Fayetteville Public Schools– here is your chance! The Cannondale bikes from The Bike Route arrived today for Ramay, Woodland, and FHS! This Thursday, July 31, from 5 pm to 8 pm we will be at Fayetteville High School in the Agri Bay unboxing and beginning the assembly of these 90 bikes. If you have a few minutes to volunteer – please join us! The location is across from FPS Administration in the Engineering and Agri Area in the New Building (Parking lot off of Bulldog Blvd).

Bellview Elementary
-Leaving @ 5:45 B group (average speed 17-19). Intermediate pace, plenty of regroups.
-Leaving @ 6:00 A group (average speed 19-21). Fast pace, with a couple regroups.

Ride fast & be safe, 

Monday, July 28, 2014

State Road Race Championship

A big thank you to the HealthSouth Race Team for promoting the State Road Race Championship. Job well done! It is also super cool that proceeds are going to the Laura Wooldridge Memorial Fund. Can't say enough about that. So proud to be a part of this great cycling community. 

The lumpy course was challenging with a stiff south wind and ├╝ber warm temps. Three Happy Cows decided to spread the boyz out over the categories hoping to win as many state jerseys as possible. I raced my age group which was the 30-44 race. It can be a little confusing because the goal is to win the overall race but also to win your age group. The color coordinated numbers helped a lot.

The bunch about to drop into the valley.

The early break started from the gun. With a AF guy taking a flyer and one of our guys Bob N in tow. The move ended up being decisive for us. It forced Walmart (the other team with numbers) to work to bring them back and that wasn't until 20 miles or so. Once the catch was made we counter attacked until finally two 3HC's (Jake B/Scott W) and one Walmart (Art H) got away. The peloton was whittled down to just a handful of guys after the attacks. Walmart and 3HC were content with the established break so we stopped working and the pace slowed. When I say slowed...I mean track stand slowed. It was painful. We all had a good laugh about it. The race was on again though once we reached the final climb (5 miles from the finish). I accelerated about halfway up and Jason E (Walmart) locked up. His leg muscle that is. You might have thought he got shot with all the hollering. Cramps are painful. It was comic relief (for the group). I looked back to see Joel R (Zest Cycling) and my teammate Michael K closing. Once we crested the top we realized Scott B (Walmart) was dropped which was significant. So we put it into time trial mode. Joel R was reluctant to work which was the right tactic when out numbered. I drove it hoping to distance Scott B and set up Michael K. On the last wrinkle before the right turn to the finish Michael K jumped and Joel R tried to follow. For a moment I thought he might close the gap but in the last 300 the gap got bigger and Michael K secured the win for our age group. Joel R did a great job given the circumstance. At the end all the guys from various teams got together and talked about the race. That's what makes the State Championship race unique and fun. It's people you see often (racing & riding together) and after the heat of competition we are all just folks who love to ride and race bikes. Good times. Thanks again HealthSouth!  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekend Ride Notification 7/25

Summer nights. (photo by Maura G)

Good day folks! The Arkansas State Road Race Championship is this Saturday right here in NWA. One race for all the marbles! The proceeds are going to a great cause. See below for details.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy this video from Orica-GreenEDGE giving us a glimpse of just one day at the TdF. I promise it will make you laugh.


WHF ride. I'm racing, so no ride from me this weekend.

Bentonville Square Ride. Leaves from Bentonville square @ 8:00 am.  Usually 55 to 65 miles.  Hard but with regrouping. Usually 15-20 riders. Pace spirited. Route TBD.

2014 Arkansas State Road Race Championship (click the flyer below for details). Online registration discount ends today 7/24 at 10 PM. 

From the HealthSouth Racing Team. "In light of the recent, tragic loss of an inspirational cyclist this past weekend we will be giving all proceeds from the Arkansas State Road Race to the Laura Wooldridge Memorial Fund. The memorial fund will be used to help support and improve on cycling infrastructure and Women's and children's cycling initiatives throughout central Arkansas. Laura was a big inspiration to many cyclists. It is the goal of the Laura Wooldridge Memorial Fund that this inspiration can continue.

To find out a bit more info about who Laura was you can read this great tribute to her on the Arkansas Outside website: http://www.arkansasoutside.com/we-lost-a-hero/

Also, Central Arkansas Velo (CARVE) is organizing a memorial ride and service for Laura this coming Thursday. More info regarding it can be found on their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-Arkansas-Velo-CARVE/189839401030919

If anyone would like more info regarding the Memorial Fund you can contact Scott Penrod, VP of CARVE, at spenrod@team-carve.com

Donations will also be accepted at registration as well. Thank you for your support."


ONYX Coffee Lab Ride. Leaves @ 12:30 from ONYX Coffee Lab off Gregg Street. Usually 50 miles or so. Pace Spirited. Route TBD.

Ride fast & be safe,