Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Shorts 9/16

Pistolero wins Vuelta consolation prize. Gotta say, he made it exciting for all the armchair quarterbacks protected riders out there. Froome gained my respect with his cagey riding and all-in attacks. Elbows-be-ugly, much love for panache.

Grand Prix
Australia invades Canada. Gerrans rainbow stripes? Cadel retires.

Cross Vegas
What happens in Vegaaa...Sven never wo...not sure if a race eve...Vegas does it exist?

State Championships
A great weekend of racing. Most fun I've had on the bike in awhile. Congrats to all those new champs!

Hey folks be sure to break out those lights! Stay safe out there.  

Group Rides. 


Good Bikes ride. Leaving @ 6:00 from Good Bikes. It is intended to be a recovery pace, no-drop, skills-building/technique ride. Everyone is welcome. Hosted by University of Arkansas Cycling & Good Bikes. See Good Bikes or Arkansas Cycling on Facebook for more info.


Tuesday Night World Championships leaving @ 5:30 from The Bike Route or @ 6 from parking lot adjacent to MopedU. Pace brutal. This is a 'try and drop you' kinda ride. Route TBD.

Bellview Road Ride. Leaves from Bellview Elementary.
-Leaving @ 5:45 B group (average speed 17-19). Intermediate pace, plenty of of regroups.
-Leaving @ 6:00 A group (average speed 19-21). Fast pace, with a couple regroups.

No rides on hump day?


Athlete Forward/The Bike Route beginner ride. Leaving @ 6:00 from Owl Creek Middle School. Pace easy-moderate. No rider left behind.

NWA Microcross. Cyclocross training race. Race starts at 6 @ Good Bikes. Click here for details. 

Bellview Road Ride. Leaves from Bellview Elementary.
-Leaving @ 5:45 B group (average speed 17-19). Intermediate pace, plenty of regroups.
-Leaving @ 6:00 A group (average speed 19-21). Fast pace, with a couple regroups.

Highroller Cyclery intermediate mountain bike ride. Leaving at 6:15 from the dog park near Slaughter Pen.

Bike Bentonville All Girls Ride. Leaves @ 6:05 from Bentonville Square. Click here for details. 

Ride fast & be safe, 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Arkansas State Criterium Championships

2014 road season has come to an end. I really dig the Memorial Park course. A good mix of things. Wind, long straights, technical turns, easy turns and no hills. Couldn't ask for better weather. A big thanks to Evans Events and all the volunteers for presenting the State Crit again this year. I would also like to thank all of our sponsors for making it possible for a bunch of weekend warriors to go out race bicycles this year. Three Happy Cows our title sponsor makes great yogurt and should be on the shelves of the new Whole Foods coming to Fayetteville. Shoulder Center of Arkansas takes care of all those shoulder issues that bike racers encounter after crashing. The Bike Route makes sure we are on the very best equipment and that it runs well. Creative sets us up every year at Hell's Kitchen with some of the coolest trophies you can get at a bike race. Not to mention some great t-shirts & hats. Kerry an ingredient maker based in the UK hooks us up with some ├╝ber secret electrolyte replenishment. All these fine sponsors have a connection to cycling in some form or fashion and we are grateful for their support. 

Well now to the racing. It was a pretty good race. I thought all the teams with numbers had a part in the action. We never had the right mix up the road for a break to stay away. But it wasn't from lack of trying. CARVE did a bunch of work. Zest was on the front. Competitive Industries even with small numbers rode aggressively. The two teams that were sure to lock horns was 3HC and SimplexQ. I like the way the SimplexQ guys race. It's similar to our style. Animate the race. Be aggressive and take chances. In the end the field was together with one lap to go and Nolan R of SimplexQ won the sprint with our sprinter Richard H taking second and Ben C of Zest taking third. Congrats to SimplexQ they rode a good race. 

   Warm up. The race course is a stones throw from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. If you haven't been you should. Pretty awesome.

Last minute prep. 

Finishing straight makes for a really long sprint.

Start line.

It wouldn't be Arkansas racing without Vince C running the show.

For all the marbles. Good times.

Northwest Arkansas MTB Championships

The weather perfect. The dirt track perfect. The bike skillz oh...uhhhh. It was a day of riding in the wheel, dodging trees, rocks and stuff breaking. It was a day of story telling, front porch sitting and good food. I haven't done the Devil's Den race in years. Pre-riding the course earlier in the week reminded me of how much fun that trail is and why it's one of my favorites in NWA. For the record I am an okay MTB'er at best. It's fun to mix things up and hang in the MTB community for a change. Hole shot? Nope. My only ambition was to have a good time and ride my own rhythm. I started in the back and finished well...would have finished in the back. I actually started to feel great on the third lap. A combination of the legs coming good and understanding the flow of the course. Mountain biking is so much fun. You are constantly having to focus. Scanning trail and choosing the line you want. At the end of the first lap I thought four laps was too much. At the start of the 4th lap I wanted more. It just ticks away because you get in the zone. At one point on the second lap I realized how much fun I was having. I'm certain I had a huge childish grin on my face. A big thanks to Devil's Den State Park and all the volunteers for hosting this great event. One of the oldest races in the state. It is well run and the course is always ready to rock. I'll be putting it on my calendar next year for sure.

What do you eat before a big race? Why pork belly mac & cheese of course. Dang son...Let's Eat!

 Roasted beet & fried goat cheese Napoleon with a perfectly poached egg on top. Let's Eat! Some good stuff coming out of Greenhouse Grille right now.

Sean S in his first MTB race. Riding for the UA collegiate team. #wps

JV dropping in. The Gravity Cavity.

Congrats Ben U. He went on to win his category.

My number plate says CAT 1. My ability says CAT 2.

The MTB scene is great. Very supportive community.

 CAT 1 Start.

I hate quitting. Last lap.

Congrats Jake S. 1st place (CAT 1) riding his moms bike!