Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Shorts 9/30


Sir (bearded) Brad, uncorks armor piercing grenade in the ITT. Panzerwagen is defeated after 3 years reign. Would've liked to see more Sir Brad at bigger races in 2014. But what do I know.

Michal K-w-i-a-good luck pronouncing-t-k-o-v-s-k-i  slips away on the descent and holds off the chasers. Gerrans said he wanted to cry while crossing the line for second. A shrewd tactician (meaning he never sees the wind...EVER...okay except in the last 50 meters) probably needed one more person to take a pull so he could ride in their wheel to challenge for the win. Michal (I won't key his last name again) finally gets THE big win after consistently appearing in the top 5 all season. More importantly he secured 3 KOMs in his bid to become world champ. Kudos to the young Pole!

click on image to link to STRAVA.

Marianne Vos did not win. Marianne Vos did not win. No typo. Just kinda shocked so I keyed it twice. Her trade team teammate Pauline Ferrand-Prevot of France did win. The last kilometer is worth watching. I wonder what the breakaway group was thinking.


The Drummond family has been putting together these short videos every week. Good stuff. Watch Jason E eat some mud! Microcross, every Thursday behind Good Bikes. See below for details. 

Group Rides. Hey folks be sure to break out those lights! Stay safe out there.  


Good Bikes ride. Leaving @ 6:00 from Good Bikes. It is intended to be a recovery pace, no-drop, skills-building/technique ride. Everyone is welcome. Hosted by University of Arkansas Cycling & Good Bikes. See Good Bikes or Arkansas Cycling on Facebook for more info.


Tuesday Night World Championships leaving @ 5:30 from The Bike Route or @ 6 from parking lot adjacent to MopedU. Pretty much an out and back. Getting dark at 7 these days. 

Bellview Road Ride. Leaves from Bellview Elementary.
-Leaving @ 5:45 B group (average speed 17-19). Intermediate pace, plenty of of regroups.
-Leaving @ 6:00 A group (average speed 19-21). Fast pace, with a couple regroups.



Athlete Forward/The Bike Route beginner ride. Leaving @ 6:00 from Owl Creek Middle School. Pace easy-moderate. No rider left behind.

NWA Microcross. Cyclocross training race. Race starts at 6 @ Good Bikes. Click here for details. 

Bellview Road Ride. Leaves from Bellview Elementary.
-Leaving @ 5:45 B group (average speed 17-19). Intermediate pace, plenty of regroups.
-Leaving @ 6:00 A group (average speed 19-21). Fast pace, with a couple regroups.

Highroller Cyclery intermediate mountain bike ride. Leaving at 6:15 from the dog park near Slaughter Pen.

Bike Bentonville All Girls Ride. Leaves @ 6:05 from Bentonville Square. Click here for details. 

Ride fast & be safe, 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Saturday Ride 9/27

With Bikes, Blues & BBQ in town I decided it was high time we tackle some Ozark dirt. A good group showed up on a fine fall morning for a challenging 40 mile route, about 2,500 feet gain. Folks if you haven't gone off road yet you totally should. The amount of route options is incredible and the Ozark adventure is legit. Dogs a chasing, steep hills, bomber descents, flats, a crash all while seeing only a handful of cars.

 Last of the Mohicans.

Quote of the ride, "Where's your skateboard bro?" Good times.

So 1980's. I was a little worried about getting impaled. 

Art H on phat tires?

New steed alert!

New steed alert! That paint scheme is sick.

Okay enough equipment stuff.

Rolling out towards Tilly Willy. 

Super weather.

...and adventure begins.

This stretch is never ridden below warp speed.

But a flat slowed the bunch down a bit.

Then it's left on to the Wallin Mountain road climb. 

About 3 miles of stair step.

The bunch splintered.

The hardest ramps are at the beginning and end.

Some great views.

Catching the front.


Back on the dirt.

Jason E on his new steed. Later he overcooked a corner but was fine.

We even had a gun show.



Sean S hamming it up.

Tons of shade on this route.

Start of the climb up to Low Gap road.

The climb is really about 2 miles. After the right turn you are still going up.

Some solid ramps.

Pretty steep at points.

Josh H getting it done.

Ozark dirt rocks!

iphone failed at 20 miles. So here is a link (click image) to My Routes with details. 

Let's Eat! This is the beef slider (x2) with some killer onion rings. Served on a Hawaiian bun. Excellent.

PCG got the ham on rye with pimento & french fries. Yum!

Natural State Sandwiches at the Yacht Club. Good stuff!

Friday, September 26, 2014

They Don't Maintain Themselves

I received this note from Ali last night and it prompted me to shed some light on folks doing great work on the soft surface trail systems. 

I am amazed and feeling a need to give back:

Over Monday's sunrise, I encountered a tree down as I ran the trails at Lake Fayetteville. By Monday evening while mountain biking to sunset, I found the tree had been cleared. That brought quite a smile to my face...and a question to my mind. Which group or person was behind the act? The week went on and the question was pushed to the back of my thoughts. Wednesday night my dog and I tackled Mt. Sequoyah. There we found "the fallen tree" on the backside to have fallen even further. My chigger fearing feet were forced to dismount and push the bike under the brush. Thursday night I went back for more Sequoyah. The brush and tree had been cleared. Even the log further up the mountain was reworked for a smoother ride. The question from earlier in the week emerged again. Who was behind this? I was so happy for the work done on the trails that I felt the need to give back. Like buying someone a beer or a gift certificate or something. I thought to ask you if you knew who did the trail cleanup?  I'd like to make a donation to their organization or get them a gift certificate.

Have you felt the same way as Ali? Have you thought about volunteering or donating? Not sure how to get connected? Here are a couple organizations that build and service our trails check'em out.

So...who has been working on Lake Fayetteville & Sequoyah this week? Shoot me an email yogrunny@gmail.com. Thanks!

Ozark Off Road Cyclists