The first year of Wheels Hot Fayetteville is in the books. I started the site as a creative outlet inspired by the beauty of the Ozarks and getting folks out on the roads & trails I love to ride. WHF an amateur attempt at best is bridging the gap to 70,000 views and I am super grateful for the following! A few good friends have been encouraging me to expand the services and bring on more sponsors. The idea has started to gain some traction. A big part of what I've enjoyed has been collaborating with Ben Upchurch owner of The Bike Route. A pretty organic fit for a website about cycling in Arkansas to be sponsored by a local bike shop. So...long story short. If you have interest in being a sponsor/advertiser on Wheels Hot Fayetteville shoot me an email at yogrunny@gmail.com. Keep in mind I'm no Don Draper (thank goodness). You can also find me "on the line" on Facebook, STRAVA & Instagram under the alias Robin Grunnagle.

What do you get? 
  • Logo/link ad in the right column (see The Bike Route logo).
  • A monthly promotional.
  • Product reviews/business feature post/event coverage.
  • 79,000 total pageviews.
  • Around 4,000 pageviews per month
  • Around 3,000 user sessions per month.
  • Currently 430 cities.
  • Top cities: Fayetteville, Oklahoma City, Springdale, Bentonville, Lowell, Harrison, Russellville, Little Rock, Rogers, Fort Smith, Waco & Memphis. 
  • Regionally, a heap of folks from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Tennessee & Missouri.
What products or services do cyclists use?
  • Food-We like to eat, eat good & eat a lot.
  • Coffee-We live off java and the shops that serve it.
  • Beer-Craft brewing is all the rage. Cyclists have been known to knock a few back.
  • Bikes (of course)-All things related to riding them!
  • Wine-Consumed only during the Tour de France, Giro & Vuelta Espana (OK maybe not only).
  • Cheese (personal favorite)-All the time, any day of the week.
  • Razors-Tons and tons of razors.
  • Clothing-When not in colorful spandex we like to dress in cool comfortable style. 
  • Chiropractic-I know so many folks getting "adjusted" these days.
  • Sports Medicine-Injury is inevitable we need good folks to patch us up.
  • Nutritionist-Nothing more important than what goes in. Hopefully it tastes good!
  • Health/Wellness-Cyclists (for the most part) are a healthy lot or striving for it.
  • Coaching-Cyclists love to be told what to do. What zone? How many waaaaaatts?
  • Food-Did I mention food? Before, during & after riding. Let's Eat!

If you have any interest email me at yogrunny@gmail.com. Thanks for following & sharing WHF!