Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend Ride Notification 1/31

Winter is officially a drag...

No organized ride from me tomorrow. I will be trying to get out but will play it by ear. I am even considering going for a long run. Say it ain't so....yup running arrrrrrgggggghhhhh!

If you are up for some dirt road action the Hazel Valley 50 might be your ticket. It includes some of the most scenic views of the Ozarks. I would recommend using your MTB.

Click on the link for more information.

12:30 ONYX Coffee Lab. Pending on weather.

Ride fast, be safe & steer clear of stumble-mumble-fumble,

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Saturday Ride 1/25

Three Happy Cows Team Ride

What is it about a group of cyclists riding shoulder to shoulder in matching team kits that oozes coolness? The guys get together once a month during winter for a little camaraderie, 'gut' checks and to build fitness. You gotta keep the sword from getting too dull. Mainly we are just a bunch of guys who love to ride and race together. No matter where the fitness is the team ride is always good for the soul.

A big thanks to CLIF BAR for taking care of energy needs.

A big thanks to The Bike Route for putting us on the best equipment. Several "Rules" being broken here.

The new kits are on the way. We are super excited about our new title sponsor Three Happy Cows. Makers of delicious yogurt. Coming to shelves near you very soon!

Regroup after the climb out of West Fork on 170. 

Cycling is such a unique sport. It's almost hard to explain the passion we have for it to someone who doesn't ride.

A group of 5 broke free and crushed 170. Dropping into Devils Den State Park. 

Not as much need for two bottles this time of year. Makeshift storage.

Airplane wings or handlebars? Steve is capturing those 'free' watts. The Cervelo S3 might just be the total package.

Is this a new design from fi'zik?


The switchback climb out of Devil's Den is a beautiful thing.

 What is it about switchbacks and cycling.

I think it just makes going uphill more interesting.


A look back.

The next 12 miles from the park to Winslow is tough. Rolling gradual uphill usually into the wind.

One of my favorite views. Everything opens up just before crossing 540.

The fellas starting to close.

On the march.

While it's no sidewalk cafe, the boyz take care of things at the last refuel stop (Winslow gas station). I wonder what the cashier thinks of us? Grown men, spandex lycra, helmets, sunglasses, tap shoes, bicycles...yeah it's hard to explain.

The run into town had spirit with 4 city limit signs up for grabs.

Jason B finally makes the cut!

Another iPhone fail! 71 miles about 4 hours of saddle love. A classic route.

Let's Eat! We finally tried Kosmos Greekafe. It totally surprised us. Check them out!

Chocolate cake! Let's Eat!

It is the little things...What a day.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekend Ride Notification 1/24

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...wait for it...BRRRRRRRRRRRRR! No organized ride from me tomorrow. 3HC has a team ride. You are not out of luck! Bruce is planning to tackle the Huntsville Loop! Also, if you are looking for a mountain bike adventure the Buffalo Headwaters Challenge is tomorrow.

Wheels Hot @ 8:30 from Brits & Turks. What to expect? 85 miles of Ozark glory and 4/4.5 hours of saddle love.  Excellent route! Pace tempo/aerobic. Refuel in Huntsville.

Link to route.

Buffalo Headwaters Challenge. Click link below for details.

12:30 ONYX Coffee Lab ride. Usually 3 hours. Pace? Depends on who shows up. Could be tempo/aerobic..could be bleed through your eye balls. Always spirited.

Ride fast, be safe & steer clear of the toilet (if #2 knocks) at the gas station in Prairie Grove (it's catty wampus),

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Saturday Ride 1/18

The Saturday ride was interesting. It lacked rhythm for some reason. The bunch was full of...let's call it 'personality.' I'm going to blame it on the full moon. Mutinous pirates comes to mind. The original route was contested from the parking lot. Fitness levels are all over the spectrum. With wind & hills carnage ensued.  It was fun. We tackled the Hell's Kitchen loop and added 'The Wall' for good measure. 55 miles with about 3100 gain. Solid ride, the kind you feel the next day.

Smaller solid group.

Note to self. Time for a haircut.

The west side of the HK loop is rolling & curvy a lot of fun with a group.

Up & down.


At the top. 

Folks hunched over the bars. The sign of a stout climb.

The Banana-Saddle-Bandit strikes again. Don't worry B-S-B I won't reveal your identity.

After chewing the bunch up and spitting us out on the HK climb Levi B is kind enough to pick up someone else's fallen steed. A good-natured chap he is.

"That's what she said."

Onward to the speed bump affectionately known as the wall.

Up and over.

50 mph dropping into West Fork is super fun.

Good times with good folks.

Let's Eat! Steak & taters a classic.

PCG made her signature 'FiveAlive' breakfast sandwich. Two eggs, kale, a slice of prosciutto, and some super good cheese on a toasted British English muffin. Let's Eat!

The Sunday ONYX Coffee Lab ride saw a larger group.

Banana-Saddle-Bandit strikes again. Wreaking havoc on saddles & arses across Arkansas. Beware...

That was the first race like effort all winter. Felt good in a disturbing kinda way.

The return of some Cat. 1's who have been 'hibernating' in warmer climates made the ride hard.
Ahh the boyz. Good stuff.

At least it was a week not involving this medieval device.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekend Ride Notification 1/17

Happy Friday! Per Josh Hayes' request, a vertically challenging route on tap for tomorrow. We will tackle HK & CR29. Regrouping after the climbs. I expect to see Johnny Law, Shorty Hayes and Quintana in attendance. I wonder what Art is doing? Greg M, hunting season is over. Don't miss it!

Wheels Hot @ 8:30 from Brits & Turks. 55 miles, 3 hours of saddle love, 2 challenging climbs, 3500 gain and a partridge in a pear tree...spirited, tempo/aerobic pace. 

Link to route 'Double Trouble'.

12:30 Onyx Coffee Lab on Gregg. Usually 2-3 hours spirited tempo/aerobic pace. Route TBD.

Ride fast, be safe & steer clear of whining,

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Saturday Ride 1/11

Crashpalooza. Black ice caused crashes all over NWA Saturday morning. At 6:30 it was 35° by 8:30 it was 32°. Roadways were still damp from Friday's rain. Danger was lurking in the shadows. We had two guys fall on the way to the ride and one group fall during the ride. Thankfully no one was seriously injured. Falling is not fun but very much a part of the adventure that is cycling. After a week of riding indoors folks were determined to get outside.

The bunch was considerably thinned out after the crashes.

Heading down 16 towards Siloam Springs.

Turned left on N. Jackson Hwy. Going up.

On top of the ridge.

This is the old Lincoln road race course. We are riding it counter clockwise.

The ridge runs north-south with incredible views east-west. I highly recommend this road.

"When you are a mansometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun." This quote came to mind as Mr. Robertson checked out my duck calls. Good stuff.

My iPhone failed at 2 hours so no STRAVA information and limited photoging. The route was 57 miles with two solid climbs. Kind of a weird ride with a crashes and multiple flats. It was great to be outside though. Sunday had it's own challenges. 20-30 mph wind from the south and near 50 mph gusts. I got out for an hour on my road bike and decided to switch to MTB. Sometimes you have to choose your battles.

Mt. Sequoyah trails. 

Managed to persuade NB to ditch the road bike as well.

View from the front porch Thursday night. Testing the jumbotron at the stadium. #razorborealis.