Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Sketchy Night

two weeks off
rollin the dice
system check one-two..
little ring to TBR
Stew Dog says to Green Socks...
'you sell that kit in XL'
love this ride...
trash talking before the first pedal turns
scorcher on tap
huge group
BCO is even here
a lot of new wheels
college kids
gonna be sketchy
MLK-Farmington-Spring Classic-PG
catching every red
surge stop, surge stop
Farmington sign looms
get to front
'we have long range missile lock sir'
'copy that, fire!'
Alberto's on the wheel
losing steam
Libertas B flies the coop
Surgeries goes
Green Socks reacts late
Surgeries gets it
rollers up
going to push the pace
Hesjedal is on the wheel
Alberto counters
steady, steady, steeeaaadddyyy
Friday Lawyer is there
left turn
need to recover
Alberto dangling a carrot
right turn
all together
so sketchy back here
PG sign looms
Surgeries & The Law OTF
who's gonna work?
Stew Dog puts in a solid dig
elbow flick
just me in the wind
gonna be a long one
'Captain to engine room...'
'kick the tires light the fires!'
only one shadow and it's mine
no one on the wheel?
don't EVER look back!
dooonnn'''tttt looooook
looked back
Chicken Eggs, Green Socks...
closing rapidly on my six
50 meeeeettttteerrrrs
Chicken Eggs scores
gas station
small wrinkle ahead
out of saddle
swerve from my line
shit! Schaaponee's on the hip
pedals tap...
leeeaaaannnnn iiiinnnn
adult words 'expressed'
almost took him down
i'm gonna need to apologize
Schaaponee's cool
Greenland sign next
who is OTF?
don't like it much
time to go
Nowitski comes with
good pull Nowitski
elbow flick
lay it down now
halfway..single file
someones gonnaaaa
Alberto takes flight!
Green Socks on the wheel
click click click
steady steeeaaadddyyy...
dry bones all around, falling back to earth
Alberto sticks it
one sign left
small group makes it over
Green Socks wide left
Schaaponee right gutter
bodies swarming in all directions
Schaaponee's in the gravel
Greens Socks, Surgeries on the wheel Surgeries gets it

another great night...

Good to see my very first road bike survived racing on the west coast this summer.

Not sure what it was this year but the Worlds ride keeps getting bigger and bigger. Good stuff. It was a little sketchy at points last night. I even almost crashed a teammate. 

Pretty sure a giraffe rides this.


Unknown said...

Love the nicknames but we need a cheat sheet to keep 'em all straight now!

Robin G said...

Nicknames are half the fun for me! You can always message me if you really want to know. Hard to believe how healthy this ride has become.

Anonymous said...

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