Thursday, August 15, 2013

79° + August + The Natural State = Gift

It is the 6th grade.
I am at school work.
Head on the swivel.
Stare out the window.
Stare at the hands of the clock.
Leg is tapping.
Would somebody ring that darn bell!
I might explode inside.
70°'s + August + Arkansas = gift.

Soak it up Arkansas! Get out and enjoy every second you can!

Took to the gravel yesterday. So pleasant. 

Is it Spring? Stuff is so green and vibrant. All the rain and now cool temps has my head spinning.

One of my favorite views. Up top on Mineral Springs Road. 

Ahhh...Tilly Willy my old friend.

  PCG's, mom got a special delivery yesterday. Indiana mater's! Thanks Aunt Toni.

Let's Eat! PCG's bacon quiche keesh with spinach, kale, basil, avocado, Indiana tomatoes salad. Yum!

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