Wednesday, August 21, 2013

These pretzels are making me...

long day at the offee
87° in August..gotta
engine one, go
engine two, go
tower this is ghost rider..
permission to take off
legs feel light
wind? nil
slow roll from TBR
chattin up The Freshman
taking his show to RussVegas
got him a new NEW bike
another good one 20+
71, Cato Springs, diagonal to PG
Yellow Kit brought his left hand
1-2 combos to the face tonight
first wrinkle coming
move to front
Greenland sign gone
made the split
sawed off half the bunch
Yellow Kit 1 SAVAGE pull
just gotta haaaannngggg....
laaaccctttiiccc aaaccciiiiidddd
gotta get through it
phew...these pretzels are making me...
little kicker
gonna have a dig
Orange Bike is there
soft regroup doesn't work
strewn all over the road
time to get it
small group up
Yellow Kit 2 comes round
The General drifts back
JMSR seals the deal
all together
PG hill coming
bunch shatters
ahhhh...cold water
gaggle of old ladies givin cray-cray looks
these pretzels are making me...
Viney Grove to Goose Creek
worlds take 2...action
lasers on the wheel
how fast are weeee...?
yo-yo ma
my turn
captain to engine room...
hello engine room?
talk to me engine room...!
sorry sir...taking a photo
what the *&*&* get it together!
small wrinkle coming
get to front get to front get to front
out of saddle
dancin on the pedals
ugly clawing my way...honey badger
made the split
what a view
TT Smackdown to Farmington sign
battle stations...we must take Stinky Hill
Yellow Kit 2 digs
made the split
Yellow Kit 1, MG, then me
not ideal
give it the business
Yellow Kit 2 opens
New Guy Hesjedal chases
The Mountain Biker goes!
old man legs...don't fail me now
bunch settles
puttin the knives away
lickin open wounds
these pretzels are making me...
losing the light
good times

Losing the light.

What do you eat after Worlds? Chips & salsa of course. 

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