Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spoons vs. Knives

5 days off + 94° = catastrophe
still looking forward to the knife fight
heat index 102
gonna be a blood bath
system check 1-2, check 1...
captain to ship, prepare all 3 trillion pores
lungs prepare to drink air
sweat glands prepare to bleed out
a fool indeed
bike path to TBR
slow roll to Brits & Turks (for men)
too hot for small talk
wind direction? S @ 10
who's gonna show?
Sharks vs. Jets...fingers snap
tons of blank stares
huddled like Texas cattle under tiny trees
Mt. Comfort, White Bull, Radio Tower
note to self, first surge Tontitown sprint
next to Tall Kid, I ask 'what's our speed?'
Tall Kid, '25-26'
The Mountain Biker drifts back to say hello
always a nice one
30 deep, pedals feel light
so far so good
2 miles out
get near the front but not on the...
who's gonna?
The Captain has a go...
Albert bridges
happy to sit..wait for counter
good gap
can't see who got the sign
group is huge
Orange Bike, Flying Saucer surge
MG drops back barking
'we don't have a man...'
been hiding in the trenches
time to hurdle myself into the teeth of the guns
left turn, first roller
made it, let's roll toge...
Albert surges
on the wheel like a fat kid on a cupcake
first regroup
too hot to stop
captain to engine room, report?
'crash & burn, huh, Mav?'
played my only card 30 minutes in
this is gonna suck
The Professor, Surgeries & Orange Bike roll up
Surgeries tries to get me to rotate
sorry mate, survival from here on
couple of wrinkles ahead
is this Ventoux?
nope, just a tiny roller in Arkansas
might have to pull the plug tonight
The Professor flats
happy for a flat, sorry The Professor
going to slow roll to gas station
so hot
head going light, arms feel weak
medic! medic!
what else could go wrong?
knock..knock, hunger here, hunger who?
Chicken Eggs, asks 'you gonna tuck tail & run?'
lower my head, 'yup..'
tie my white flag to the bars & take my ball home
good to have some company
thanks Chicken Eggs
sittin on the couch sippin Peroni
legs decide to revolt
let me know what I put'em through
loud and clear, sorry legs
don't bring a spoon to a knife fight...

Good times.

Chicken Eggs helping me limp home.

Doing my part to control the bug population. Your welcome world.

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