Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ozark Cycling Adventures Day 2

After a long day of dirt road glory we switched gears on Sunday turning to pavement for a little road bike action. Shuttling the group 40 minutes south to the Mulberry River. The Mulberry River loop is 58 miles of Ozark goodness and one of my favorite routes in The Natural State.

Dave T enjoying an early morning view with a cup of joe.

Let's Eat! German inspired breakfast.

Time to kit up again.

Smooth pavement was a welcome change. 

Hwy 23 a.k.a. the Pig Trail.

The bunch.

It was nice to have a flatter route on tap.

But we always knew the mountains were not far off.

Once you turn off 23 onto 352 there is hardly any traffic.

Rain clouds seemed to like us early on.

The mountains keep getting closer.

Finally we turned back to the hills on 103.

One last dash of rain. climb. 3 miles up, the 103 climb.

Huge sweeping switchbacks.

Challenging ramp after ramp.

Thomas U fights off a dark moment.

With some encouragement from Jake B.

Reward for conquering the climb is this 15 mile stretch on 215.

Miles of buttery smooth tarmac. With the turquoise Mulberry River on our left to keep us company.


After a quick dip in the Mulberry it was time...

to refuel. Let's Eat!

More details about Ozark Cycling Adventures to come. Excursion #2 is already brewing. Stay tuned...

Here is how STRAVA sees the route.

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Will said...

Would need that sandwich plus some really fresh baked sweet potato fries to keep energy levels up.