Friday, October 17, 2014

'Tis Freitag! CLIF SHOT BLOKS Giveaway: ENDED

CONGRATS Stephen S. You win! You can pick up your prize at The Bike Route. Thanks again for following!

I woke up this morning at 5 r-e-a-d-y TO rock! Why? I am inspired by Oktober and the fall season. When I get excited I want to give something away. A big thanks to CLIF BAR for supplying some delicious energy for the 'Tis Freitag! Giveaway. I also would like to thank everyone for following, liking & sharing WHF with others. Because of you I have some exciting news to announce in two weeks time. I am super excited to be bringing on more sponsors and what I'm calling a "category upgrade." Enough already! Tell me how to enter this contest.

Well now...many of you know I like to eat. There is hardly anything better than eating a tasty meal after some outdoor adventure.
What can I win?

A box of CLIF SHOT BLOKS. I mixed the box with Margarita & Tropical Punch (two of my favorites).

How do I enter!?

Simple. Tell me what your favorite eatery is and what your favorite dish is after that epic ride, run, swim, hike, climb or whatever. I know this one is a hard one. It's okay if you have more then one. Leave a comment below to enter. For-the-win!

How do I leave a comment? 
If you are using a smart phone the link via Facebook is not allowing some comments to go through. Google/Safari search Wheels Hot Fayetteville with your phone/PC and follow the steps below to enter. Thanks!

1:Scroll down click Post a Comment
2:Enter your comment 
3:Select Name/URL, type your name
4:Click Publish Your Comment

The Rules
The winner will be selected at random. 
The winner will be announced after 6:01:32  this afternoon.
Must be in the continental US (for mailing purposes).


Ron Schmidt said...

Buffalo/Sweet Potato Burritos pairs nice with a Stout

Scott Hamilton said...

Hugo's. Big cheeseburger with brown ale.

Ryan Dickerson said...

Depends, if I want something quick the chicken tacos from Mangos on MLK/Sang are awesome. A burger at Hugo's with a Ozark Brewing Co. beer is tough to beat though!

John Sandy said...

After knocking out a big ride at slaughter pen and blowing springs. One of my favorites is a Sam's roll from sushi house and a cold sapporo. Hard to beat that combo.

J.Hayes said...

I used to love that little cajun place of Gregg (momma D's?) but it closed. I tried that little sushi place off college, KJ sushi and korean BBQ and really enjoyed it.

J.Hayes said...

Maybe it was lynn D's. I can not remember, getting old.

Adam B said...

Pesto pizza from Pesto Cafe. Goes well with a frosty wheat beer.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is going to laugh but mine is Golden Corral. Unlimited fried shrimp with heaps of cocktail sauce! Momma Deans was great but is a mobile restaurant (food truck) now and I don't where they set up at.

-Wes B

Tyler Kidder said...

Leonardo's Pizza in Harrison. Always go with the Exotic Greek pizza after a long ride!

Unknown said...

Flying burrito Steak with the works

Sean S said...

A large cheese and garlic pizza from Geraldi's and a cold and hoppy IPA to wash it down.

Unknown said...

Slim's, Feltner's or Damgoode.

Unknown said...

Carne asada or steak ranchero, fajitas

Zachary McCool said...

Glass of Chocolate Milk, followed by a beer and a Large Cheese Burger with Bacon!

Robin G said...

Dang! I am so hungry!

John Marquette said...

A burger on the grille and salt & vinegar potato chips...

Unknown said...

Pizza and beer

Jeff Hayes said...

Mediterranean pasta at Geraldi's and a good local brew.

Randy Jackson said...

Good juicy burger and fries. If I'm in F'ville, Greenhouse Grill...before or after ride!

Unknown said...

Crepes Paulette just off the square in B-ville!

Robin G said...

Congrats Stephen S you win!

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