Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hazel Valley Grand Prix 2014

What can I say? HVGP dished out the pain yesterday. Sometimes you have a bad a day. You just don't want it to be on this route. But on the cup is half full side of things. The weather was perfect and the leaves are starting to pop. It was freaking beautiful. Kudos to Roger at Hazel Valley Ranch for selecting this date. The course markings this year were great. And the chili & beer at the end was awesome. I love this event because of the great quotes that come from the experience. The story telling at the end is what it's all about.

Headed for the hills.

Hazel Valley.

Registration. Hot coffee & snacks.

Cipollini was on hand. 

Gathering for the start.

All is well.

Art H would later say, "that's one of the hardest things I've put my body through."

What comes next?

BOOM! John N would later send me this message, "Daayyuummmm - that was tough. Those hills started pissing me off at the end." Good job man!

Gravel kicker. 110 climb. 1 mile 500 ft gain. 

Sean S dropped the chain in between the cassette and spokes. Thanks Vince C! 

Top of 110.

Reward for a little suffering.  John S quote while climbing, "Garmin be like, Auto Pause cause you are going so slow." 

Then you ride on this ridge for awhile.

After bombing the 4 mile descent into Winfrey Valley.

Tons of tree tunnels.

Frog Bayou. (Photo Dust P)

Bidville Climb. 4.5 miles 1100 ft gain. 

While the scenery was beautiful. The sinking feeling that I was not on a good day set in.

Mixed emotions. Part of what I love about cycling. Jason B stated before the ride, "sometimes it's the hard days that you remember the most." So true. 

Top of the Rock. (Photo Dusty P)

Sean S would say, "I can't believe I have lived here for so long and never been out here." (Photo Dusty P)

At this point I had the "look of death". 


Jared H crashed early on (check out the left hip) but still finished. He posted on FB, "Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. I think we will call today a draw." Good job man. 

Ron S manages a smile a midst the suffering. 

After all that I spilled chili in my lap. Which looks disturbingly like something...

This was much appreciated. Thanks again Roger and volunteers.

Big John S rode in on a chariot like a conqueror. He would later say, "Today the Hazel Valley Grand Prix kicked my butt, but it was a awesome event and such a cool place. Next year she will be mine." Good job man.

Finally...Let's Eat! Mighty Meaty calzone from Mellow Mushroom. 

Old STRAVA from last year. Forgot to start it. Click on image to see the route profile. If you are looking for epic HVGP might just be for you. A big thanks to Art H for scooping me up. Still picking up the pieces! 

Manual Entry.


John Sandy said...

What a awesome time even though that was a suffer fest! The goal next year is to finish.

Robin G said...

Great job John. You tackled the hard parts. Let me know how I can help you achieve that goal! My buddy Dusty rode it in June and suffered greatly. He put in on the calendar and came back and crushed it. Knocked an hour off his time.

J. Hayes said...

Looks like it was epic! Sad I missed it, hopefully next year.

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