Sunday, October 12, 2014

Smoke-n-Suds CX

I rode over to Lake Fayetteville on a fine fall weather day to tackle my first "true" cyclocross weather race. A big thanks to De Pijp Racing for promoting the Smoke-n-Suds races. The course that DPR put together delivered. It had a really awesome mud section that sucked the life out of my legs every lap. Which led right into a grassy headwind slight uphill drag. Arrrgh! Folks cheerheckled the racers on. Good times. I like doing these races because I enjoy seeing folks from other parts of the cycling community. There are a lot of good people involved with this spectacle of a sport. Guess what? They are racing again today starting at 11am. Go check it out. Lake Fayetteville north shore park.  

Bikes, beers & bells.

I had a lot of questions about my rig. You don't need another bike to race CX. I use my MTB laced up with CX tires. If you have a 29er you're in business. It's a 700c wheel just like CX/road bikes. I'm even running these tubeless. A great way to test things out to see if you like this type of racing. 

I think the Drummond family was like half the field of my race. 

Ozark mud. This got more challenging every lap. (photo Jonathan S.) 

Jason E taking a picture. Notice the heckle device around his neck.

Cole T and several others came up from Little Rock to race.

Duncan W's muddy steed.

I used every bit of my front suspension.

I gotta get some of these. Super euro.

Proper CX race. 

One of my favorite parts about bike riding. A well deserved meal. Let's Eat! Fried goat cheese, beet and egg Napoleon. So good! Greenhouse Grille

Chased by a grilled steak burger & frites. Washed down with Ozark Beer Co.'s APA. Yum!