Thursday, October 9, 2014

Riding at Night

Fall is here and the cold temps and lack of light presents some new challenges to pedal turners. The Bike Route night rides will be starting soon. It's time to dust off the lights and pull out your cold weather gear. Riding at night is a lot of fun and in the same breath I highly recommend limiting risks as much as possible. I see a lot of cyclists in the bunch riding with dinky taillights for example. Folks...when it comes to safety at night spend the extra coin and get something bright. Especially for the rear end. 

The Serfas Thunderbolt taillight is still one of the best taillights on the market. With 35 whopping lumens, this little guy packs a punch. What do you get for $40.00? 35 lumens, 4 settings, 3 hours of light on high blink, 9 hours on low blink and it's rechargeable. But the most reassuring thing is knowing that whoever is behind will know that you are there.

It easily attaches to multiple locations on your frame or seat post. This is a ‘best bang for the buck’ item for me and a must have this time of year. In stock at TBR check'em out. Stay tuned. I'll be talking headlights next. 


Randy Jackson said...

Agree. Thunderbolt is my favorite and remains best I've seen. Some good peace of mind for your backside.

Thomas Ufer said...

I just ordered one. Bring on the dark!

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