Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's Eat!

Union Kitchen + Drinks

Soooo...this is a blog about bicycles in the Natural State right? do I incorporate dining at the Union Kitchen into that theme. Bingo! Union Kitchen is located inside the Chancellor Hotel (formerly the Cosmopolitan, formerly The Hilton, formerly errrrrr...that's all I've got) which was used for many years as the JMSR registration/ packet pick up/race HQ. Bicycles! The Sunday race course passes just in front of the Union Kitchen. Natural State! It's a stretch. If your looking for a cool spot to have drinks & apps this is it. The bar atmosphere is swanky but inviting and the Starters & Snacks menu is delightful. Should I change the name of this blog to Forks Hot Fayetteville? Ride those bikes folks and eat good food.

 You can see bicycles passing by this window on Sunday April 28th.

Lettuce Wraps & Hot Bacon + Bleu Cheese Dip. Snap! Goodness in a bowl. 


PaigeCG said...

You forgot to mention the fabulous conversation!

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