Monday, April 8, 2013

The Saturday Ride

Ice Cream Social.

Sweet southern winds are starting to blow more often now. Arkansas's landscape is waking up from a four month slumber seemingly overnight. So many colors, smells and sounds of life flood our senses. It starts with daffodils, dogwoods and birds chirping like banshee's at 6am. You start travelling light again. Your skin sees the open air more often. Everything is changing all around. There is something hopeful about Spring something divine that I can't yet put to words. Saturday we took it easy because most of  us were racing on Sunday in the Okie State. Everyone was in good spirits and chatting it up. Although we didn't have ice cream it was a true social ride.  

Get out folks ride, run, walk, nap, eat or whatever you do..just do it outside. It's good for the soul! 

The Civil War battle fields of Prairie Grove.  

Grass is greener on the otherside of the road.

Pasty legs, pasty legs...GO AWAY..pasty legs.

Tons of spring green contrasting with the colors from our kits.

Tim finally gets his sunshine!

A perfect morning. I could have road for 4 hours easily if we weren't racing on Sunday.

The Fayetteville Farmer's Market was packed. Produce purchasing, people & dog watching at it's finest.

Can't wait for the goodness that local farmers will be bringing to market soon.

Let's Eat! Arsaga's trailside for lunch. Best bacon in Fayetteville. 

We headed to Eucha, OK Sunday morning for a road race. Oklahoma has some great races and the Eucha Classic is one of them.

I'm almost certain Ben doesn't want a saddle sore. Anywhere...down...there. 

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