Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let's Eat!

Greenhouse Grille

Fayettevillians and all you hungry visiting cyclists we have a ton of great restaurants. Greenhouse Grille is one of our favs. Contrary to local legends...you don't have to drive a Subaru to eat there! "Not that there's anything wrong with that." I know...I've heard folks say it's a little too granola. Isn't Fayetteville kind of... well you know...granola. All you folks coming into town for Joe Martin (April 25-28th) treat yourself to some pre or post race goodness! GHG also has the Ranger on tap.


Seared Duck Breast with Honey Lavender Pan Sauce, Parsnip Purée and Braised Brussels Sprouts. If this is on the specials menu order it. It's like a painting you can eat!

Like I said you don't have to drive a Subaru to eat there. You can also walk! Careful...shoe selection is key. Pinky toe casualty. Man down. 

This is Bob errr.. Paige petting Bob. Favorite dog in our hood!

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PaigeCG said...

Seriously, people. GHG won't disappoint...with a new 'specials' menu every Friday night you can't go wrong. Oh. And ask for Gabbi. She's the best.