Wednesday, October 23, 2013

die Nachtfahrt

There is something very cool about riding at night. I haven't totally figured it out yet. Perhaps it is the heightened sense of togetherness in the bunch. Maybe it's that ominous feeling created by the dark. In turn creating a unique dependency on light. It could be that the very same roads we ride all the time during the day feel totally different. Not sure but I recommend you ride with a group for safety. Also make sure your not using dinky lights. Spend the extra coin.

The Bike Route Tuesday Nighter. Wheels Hot @ 6:15 from TBR. Front and rear light required.

It was nice to start at sunset.

Keith rocking high vis orange. Smart. Makes me think of 'the darr woods.'

I love this rolling section of road. 

Losing the light.


We kind of look like a jet taxiing down the runway at night. 

Diving into corners has a totally different feel.

The last bit of light.

The bunch. Good folks. Good times.

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