Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Big Chill

Summer is long gone and fall chill is settling in for the long haul. It is time to breakout the cold weather gear. The key to cycling in cooler temps is options, lot's of options. It is about making the right call before your first turn of the pedal.

Here's an example of a conversation with my teammates (grown men) before a cool weather race. "You going with knee warmers or leg warmers?""Base layer or no base layer?""Shoe covers?"Long sleeve kit?"Short sleeve with base or no base?""Knickers?""Man, I over dressed." You would think a bunch of professionals (not cyclists) would have this dialed in. The decisions you make before a 3+ hour ride can make the difference between being comfortable or being miserable.

This morning when we started it was in the 30's and by the end of the ride upper 40's. It always takes a couple cold weather rides to get the right apparel choices down. I over compensated this morning and was a little toasty which leads to sweating, which leads to getting cold.

Three pair of gloves can get you through most of an Arkansas winter.

Tom + Cobbles + DeFeet Durogloves = PRO.

Made with Merino Wool the low bulk Duraglove keeps hands warm even when you sweat. I like to run two pair. On colder days I'll throw another pair over the first pair. Providing the same warmth as bulky gloves without the bulk. On super cold days I'll throw the heavy duty Cannondale gloves on over the two pair of Duragloves keeping the Merino Wool close to the skin.

Layers are the key to cool weather riding. As temps go up and down you want to be able to peel or put on. It doesn't get more PRO than DeFeet Durogloves. As a bonus, they are made right here in the USA. They are also great for all sorts of other activities. In stock at The Bike Route.

Ooooooooh Snap! Win a box of Pecan Pie CLIF BARS. Whaaa..whaaat?
In the comment section below. Name your favorite cool weather accessory/apparel. If it is the same as mine you win! Only one accessory per person.

One of the best times to be outside. Get out folks!

Luis is a DeFeet man. Check out those shoe covers.

October. Ozarks. Oh man.

A chance to warm up a little.

Finally, tailwind.


The bunch.

Wind Tree tunnel.


Unknown said...

Defeet Durogloves!

Robin G said...

Nice one Jeff, but that's not it.

Wes Bradshaw said...

Wind vest?

Robin G said...

Nice one Wes, I will announce the winner in a couple days!

Unknown said...

Smart wool socks!!

Brad said...

Gotta be the ear covers/head band for me, can't stand cold ears.

Robin G said...

Smart wool is a smart choice!

Robin G said...

Yes cold ears are the pits.

Ian said...

$2 for a hot coffee when I can't feel things.

Robin G said...

Ooooh good one. I think I might go buy a cup right now.

Jason Vickery said...

My phone isn't letting me post to your blog. So, let me guess, shoe covers. I remember you wearing a pair on a not so cool day and thinking: man he must be getting really excited about winter. So excited, he just broke out his favorite winter piece of cycling apparel.

Robin G said...

Very good observation. I posted it for you to the blog. I'm having some issues with the security settings. I do like my light weight shoe covers even if I catch a little flack for using them on a warmish day.

J.Ray said...

My pearl neoprene shoe covers

Gerald said...

Perhaps the long sleeve base layer?

Robin G said...

Gotta keep the little piggies toasty on those uber cold days!

Robin G said...

Nice one Gerald, the long sleever best for the coldest of days!

Mark G said...

I'm going with the bandana/handkerchief. So versatile in the cold months

Robin G said...

Nice, keeping us connected to our motorized brethren and so cheap!

Paige Grunnagle said...

My vote is a fancy scarf.

Robin G said...

Well now, finally a female patron chimes in. A darn good looking one I might add. I do have a baklava that is aaaalmmoosst like a fancy scarf :) good one.

Alan said...

Rapha Winter Collar with Deep Winter Hat combo. Like being warm and snug under a down comforter back home in bed.

Robin G said...

Ahhh yes! The noggin gotta keep that thing warm! Thanks Alan.

Nathan Bowers said...

Wind vest.

Robin G said...

You and Wes B think a like. Going to announce the winner soon!

Dianna Dunn said...

Even though you went on and on about wonderful gloves, I'm going with shoe covers. I really don't like having cold toes when I ride in chilly weather.

Robin G said...

Thanks Dianna! Cold little piggies are no fun!

Unknown said...

The Pat Zimmerman cold weather racing accessory (think last years Spring Classic) a flask of whiskey.

Robin G said...

Yes! I remember. We all needed a little belly warming before and after that ridiculous race. Good one!

Bryan L said...

I think I'm going to have to go with Knee Warmers. Not too long, not too short. More easily stored than full leg warmers or tights.

Robin G said...

Nice one B, I love knee warmers. Gotta keep those things protected. Such a crucial part.

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