Monday, October 28, 2013


We jumped in with the Fayetteville Trisport Clubs annual Van Buren train ride this weekend for about 25 miles. The club rides 65 miles to Van Buren and takes the scenic Arkansas Missouri Railroad back to town. The bike racing crowd usually rides to Mountainburg and turns around. This ride is spirited when you have the right mix of folks. I like spirit.

The weather was perfect for photoging. 

All is calm before the Greenland city limit sign 

Great mix of folks.



From the front.

Leaves are starting to pop.

Looks like it could rain at any moment.

Into the fog.

Mt. Gaylor, 5 miles with 600 feet gain. Not particularly hard until Steve started giving it the stick.

Solid tempo for the first 25 miles, folks were happy to chill for a bit.

Old observation tower.

Still fun to descend.

Friendly chitchat, like an old married couple.

 Boys will be boys. Good times.

Foliage stuff. 

Random observations from the weekend.

I suffer from stupidity on occasion.

Chillin' with Miyoko. Toothbrush in hand.

Great dinner at the Flowers household. Made a new friend at the end of the table, Knox.

Smaller giant soccer ball within a larger giant soccer ball. Art. 

Almost fell asleep on these zero gravity benches. Dusty I need you to build me one of these.

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