Thursday, October 3, 2013

History,10,000, The Bike Route


I am super flattered by the feedback I have received over the last couple months about this blog. It's kind of taking on a life of it's own. In February I set out to satisfy a creative desire that was tugging at me for some time. That got combined with a love of riding bicycles in the Natural State and meeting a ton of great people in our growing cycling community. I felt like there was some really good content, a story to be told so to speak. Needless to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this. I first heard the term wheels hot from my buddy Reilly. When Reilly was around he would announce what time the wheels would go hot (what time the ride would start). Pretty sure it's military speak. I really liked the term. When I started organizing the Saturday ride things just sort of fell into place and the blog name was born. I have to give credit where credit is due. Reilly, thank you sir.


WHF went over 10,000 views a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if that is bad, good, great or just mediocre. The feedback I get from folks around town seems real positive. I mention this only as a affirmation that I should keep the blog going and moving forward.

The Bike Route

You might notice something a little different about the look of the blog. Well now what is this logo at the top right corner? What will happen if I click on it? Without further adieu I am announcing a new partnership between The Bike Route and WHF. It was never my intention to have a monetized site but this was just too organic and really made perfect sense. WHF is super proud and very excited to partner with this fine local business. What does this mean? Well...I'm glad you ask. It means I will be bringing you more interesting content on bicycle cultural in Arkansas. Product reviews, Arkie Profile interviews and....wait for it...some super cool promotions with TBR. So...stay tuned in! I really appreciate your patronage.


Unknown said...

But...but...what happened on the Tuesday night world championships? :^{)

Robin G said...

Ha! Jeff, only a few worlds left with losing the light and all. But rest assure I will be keeping that going. Thanks for following!