Thursday, December 19, 2013


Spotted: New prototype shifter? Electronic? Nah...just a bell. Absolutely essential for navigating the Razorback Greenway.

MRP chain guide for 1x10 set up.

I have always appreciated the mountain bike side of the cycling industry. Seems like these companies are always tinkering and innovating. These innovations eventually trickle into all parts of the sport. Take disc brakes for example. I wouldn't ride a mtb without them. You see them now in cyclocross and I am pretty sure they will make their way to the road in a couple years. I love what SRAM is doing with their XX1 group. 1x11 is way cool. I've been running 1x10 for about a year or so. It's super easy to convert. All you need is a chain guide like the one in the pic above. MRP makes a good one. Why 1x10? A couple years ago I noticed that I never used the little chain ring so why not get rid of it. After removing the chain ring, derailleur and shifter you shed almost one pound. That's significant and practically free.  All that to say the gear geek inside of me loves to tinker.

Random tree over the trail pics.

The new section rocks!


Joshua Hayes said...

I should have my custom Symond in a bit, 1x10 all the way! Need to get out there with you soon.

Robin G said...

Nice! Would love to do a bike profile on it when it's finished. Yes you need to ride the trails with me soon. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

For sure! Also you should see the paint job he did on my road bike, came out great! He does very good work!

Unknown said...

You should try wider handlebars if your bike geometry allows it.

Robin G said...

THanks G, not sure I can go any wider.

Zachary McCool said...

Lose the Front Derailleur, get a Wolftooth Chain Ring.

I'm still kind of want to do this same thing, but Kessler MT Road climb at 3 hr into a MTB ride would be had in a 30X36 setup.

Zach McCool (BTW Yes that my real last name!)

Robin G said...

I am very curious about the Wolftooth ring. Again another reason why I love the mtb industry. Always innovating. Single ring is not for everyone but you can always go back! I told the bunch it was your real name! Good stuff.

Unknown said...

I converted my bike to single chain ring after reading your blog. I bought the 30T Raceface and lost the front derailleur and no need for chain guide. Running 30X36 for the steep climbs or ouachita challenge.

As far as wide bars, that's by far the best change to my bike this season. I went from 660mm to 730mm and rolling to rocks is fun now. Rob,I would not recommend wide bars for your bike if the head angle is not at least 68 degrees or your front suspension travel is at least 140 mm.

Robin G said...

Nice G! As soon as my chain ring wears out I'm going to get rid of the chain guide and go with one of these new rings that hold the chain. I'll check out the Raceface. You will have to tell me how it's working for ya.

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