Monday, December 16, 2013

Dropping the Hammer err & Chisel...

Not much to report from the world of two wheels and pedals. Winter won and county road crews lost. I totally understand. My guess is we dedicate very few tax dollars to clearing roads. Typically we get harsh weather once a season so I can see why that would be the case. This time around it was different though. It never really warmed up after the storm. We are accustom to temps warming up again quickly and natural conditions taking care of the melting. On Tuesday (five days after the storm) it took an hour each way (normally 30 minutes) to take PCG to the airport. I don't mind it much, you just need to plan differently. I will say, I am not dreaming of white a Christmas.

I spent several afternoons removing ice dams. Water started finding it's way into our home.

Started with removing the trouble spots.

Ended up clearing all the gutters. I was dropping the hammer but not on a bicycle.

I did get out Sunday finally. Mid 40's is the new Mid 70's. It's all good. I think times like this grow my appreciation for all the other times I do get to ride outside. We have it pretty good in the south. Practically year round riding.