Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 12/10

Thanks to those who entered to win a box of CLIF BARS. Big thanks to CLIF BAR for supplying such great products. Congrats to Mitchell Pearce! Mitchell you can scroll down to my profile click on it then click on my email address. Shoot me an email and I will figure out how to get these to you.

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Well now....the bitter old man from the north is a knockn'. He's throwing the kitchen sink at us! I hope everyone is getting settled in for the next couple days. We Arkies are terrible drivers when it comes to this stuff. Our local weather people spent all of yesterday trying to scare us into our homes and off the roads. The local weather folk are probably trying to make up for the past (25 inches of snow in 8 hours & the great ice storm of '09). That brings me to the giveaway.

In the comment section below tell me who your favorite local weather person is and why. I will give points for creativity but keep it clean. They are real people!  

What do I win?

You win a box of CLIF BARs spiced pumpkin pie...mmmmmmm so good!

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The Rules
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Must be in the continental US.


Jonathan Jenkins said...

My favorite weatherperson? Myself! It's only reasonable that those of us that don't watch TV be able to keep track of what's going to happen, so I frequently monitor various sites during inclement weather, as well as checking every morning to help pick out clothes for the kids.

Robin G said...

No TV now that's something! I hear ya, after all we are the ones who decide to get out in this stuff or not. Thanks for the comment!

Unknown said...

5News' Tyler Southard because of his adventure Arkansas series including this:

Robin G said...

Awesome! Thanks Jeff

PaigeCG said...

Tim and Jeff! The Snowtorious BIG!

Mitchell Pearce said...

I have no idea who any of the local weathermen/women I am going with the combination of and (as long as it is within 48 hours. I don't trust ANY weatherpeople more than 48 hours out). It is entertaining how excited they get with pending inclement weather though.

Wes Bradshaw said...

Haven't owned a tv in a decade probably. For my weather I keep it up to the minute with They are never exactly right while never being exactly wrong.

Robin G said...

Snowtorious B.I.G.! Good one. Those fellas are too funny.

I'm with you Mitchell too many blown coverage's makes them hard to trust. Dan Skoff was super dramatic the other night.

Wes no TV dang!

Jeff Hayes said...

Dan Skoff without a doubt. He's passionate about weather and it shows. I enjoy his explanations of unique weather situations. Most of the time I glance at 4 or 5 favorite weather apps., do a little meteorological averaging, triangulation, extrapolation (i.e. guessing). When on a ride and rain threatens,'s fantastic detailed "zoomable" NEXRAD radar is the best at seeing where rain is and will be in x minutes.

Levi Baker said...

I think telling the weather is more art than science. Kinda have to take them all into consideration and guesstimate for yourself. That said, Garret Lewis(sp?) has been known to push a little pedal in his day. I like that

Danny Hamilton said...

It has got to be Dan Skoff for this rapping weather report posted on Jun 7, 2013 posted on YouTube. Check it out.

Robin G said...

Thanks guys! Jeff & Danny I do like Dan Skoff. You can tell he is passionate about his job and the weather. Is it a job requirement for all weather persons to be goofy?

Levi, you are right at the end of the day we gather info. and make the call.

Unknown said...

I have ridden with Garrett Lewis. I crushed him on a local training ride in Ft. Smith. He is no strong man in the mountains.

Randy Jackson said...

Your local...

My favorite weather guy was Don Woods. He started doing weather at Tulsa's Channel 8 in 1954, and was the first TV weatherman to have a degree in meteorology. Besides being a good weatherman, at the end of his weathercast each evening, he'd draw a cartoon character called Gusty. Gusty would be depicted doing something related to the weather - maybe catching a snowflake, carrying an umbrella, or raking leaves in the wind. Then he'd announce a winner for that night's Gusty drawing. Those drawings were quite the prize. Sadly, I never won one. Besides all that, Don Woods was a class guy...the kind of guy you were happy to invite into your home each night. He retired in 1989 and died in 2012 of cancer.

My second choice would be George Flickinger of Channel 2 here. He's an active rider, and even gives the "Wednesday Night Ride" forecast on the five o'clock broadcast in season.

Randy Jackson said...

Correction: First TV weatherman in Oklahoma to have meteorology degree.

Robin G said...

Keith, I like Garrett he seems like cool normal guy. Glad to hear that he is a cyclist as well.

Randy, thanks for the comment. It seems like our weather folks in NWA don't stay around long enough to have much history. Our market is probably a stepping stone to a bigger market like Tulsa. or Little Rock.

Unknown said...

I'm my own weather man. If it's raining outside then it's raining outside. Sometimes I predict clear skies, but rain pours during my ride. If I'm going to do something I don't care about the weather

Unknown said...

As far as driving, Arkansas has a lot of ice accumulation under the snow compared to places like the north. That's the reason, we see a lot of Yankees with 4x4 in the dishes. Salt, berry juice, etc works limited with the type of winter humidity the state offers.

Robin G said...

Thanks G, I agree the roads get treacherous around here. In part because of ice but mostly because folks can't/shouldn't be on the roads. Stay safe keep warm.

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