Monday, December 30, 2013

The Saturday Ride 12/28

It's been awhile since the bunch has gathered to ride on a Saturday morning. We lucked out, mid 30's did not seem as harsh after fighting below freezing temps lately. A solid group showed up to toil with winter and tackle 50 miles of sweet Ozark goodness. I think the Black Oak 'extension' might be the most perfect route here in NWA. It has everything, flats, hills, wind, climbs, city limit signs and tons of scenic views.

 The views have widened now that the leaves have fallen.

The bunch.

Cloudy cold start.

Whitehouse Rd. is one of the most popular cycling roads in NWA.


The same spot in spring.

The route is mostly flat with two notable climbs.

Settling into rhythm.

Mile after mile of great scenery and zero cars.

Shooting from the hip. Finally broke down and put the 25's on.

This is where the 'extension' begins.

108 climb aka Crawl Hill. 

Once you are to the guard rail it's time to toughen up and start your crawl.

A look back.

The brawl on Crawl or Brawl-Crawl as Johnny Law puts it.

Pedaling circles is virtually impossible.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Reward. Incredible landscape views for the next 10 miles.

Layer change.

Back in on 71. Good times with good folks.

Let's Eat! Gyros from Nomads Natural Plate. Life saver.

I highly recommend the charcuterie board at Greenhouse Grill. Let's Eat!


Unknown said...

I hate missing the ride

Robin G said...

We missed ya G. Maybe this week.

Dave Angeles said...

Liked the winter / Spring comparison photo!

Robin G said...

Thanks Dave! You guys need to come up and ride some weekend this spring. Get some good training miles in! I can put you on some great routes and show you around.