Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Saturday Ride 7/19

I decided to take the bunch over to the State Road Race course. A little preview before next weekend. The weather has been nothing short of spectacular this week. It definitely contributed to the good mood everyone seemed to be in. We had a pretty big group show up. It was one of those happy that you crawled out of bed to make the 7:30 ride type of mornings. Good times in good company.

Heading west on MLK/62. The bunch was chatty for 7:30.

The fog was not expected.

Kept getting thicker...

and thicker...

and thicker.

Made for some interesting photos.

After the regroup we were officially on the race course.

At the top of the Wedington Blacktop climb. About 4-5 miles from the finish. Usually decisive in the race.

I think the funnest part of the course is the 10 mile section that runs north. Two great downhills and usually tailwind this time of year.

Oh, except this 'kicker'. Apparently this is the harder climb of the two significant climbs on the course. We took a vote...I lost.

But once on top you ride on the ridge for several miles. They say you can see all the way to the Okie State on a clear day. 


Spotted: New shoes from Pearl. P.R.O. Leader II. 


I called an audible and we took a new road (recently chip sealed). A pretty cool cut through. Watch out though. There are some game changer potholes. Take 610 Mateer Rd. and then a quick left on 612 Kinion Lake Rd. or vice versa. It drops you at the base of Weaver hill and Goose Creek Rd. Check the STRAVA map link for details.   

Spotted: Dogma F8. New aero road bike from Pinarello.

Italian curves sure look aero.

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I think I'm being replaced.

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