Monday, September 22, 2014


PCG and I have been married for ten years this September. We started our first days of married life in the Golden State and have been coming back ever since. Northern California continues to be one of the most interesting places in the world to me. From so many variations in landscapes to some of the craziest flora I have ever seen. A true melting pot from top to bottom. I have also met a supreme amount of nice people along the way. And the food...oh man...THE food.

 On our way to the Russian River we stopped in to Lagunitas Brewing Co. 

PCG has the perfect sampler perch at the moment (disclaimer PCG is just sipping on this trip). I was not just sipping.

We decided to check out Sonoma staying on the Russian River.

In Healdsburg you will find Bear Republic. Racer 5 is one of my favorite Cali brews.

Korbel was next door to the Sonoma Orchid Inn where we were staying.

So of course we must find out how Champagne is made!

1906 historic farmhouse of Louis Ridenhour now the Sonoma Orchid Inn
The Sonoma Orchid Inn is a great place to stay. Brian & Dana will always steer you in the right direction.

On Saturday we headed to Napa for a CLIF BAR event. We always stop at Velo Vino tasting room.

And this year the new Bruschetteria food truck is there.

 Bicycles, food & wine. Let's Eat!

Then we headed to the CLIF Family Farm for the annual company bike ride.

CLIF BAR was born on a bike. So naturally the company celebrates this every year by riding bikes.

PCG and I were part of the welcome wagon.

Distances range from 132 to 30 miles.

Alyson T greeted with a tasty margarita after tackling 50 miles.

Co-owner of CLIF BAR Gary Erikson finishing the 132.

Such a great scene.

More 132's coming in.


Co-owner of CLIF BAR Kit Crawford getting the party started.

A popular station.

So good!

The food. Oh man. Let's Eat!

This is my fourth year to attend. Still pinching myself. 

Sweet goodness.

On Sunday I needed to put my feet in sand and smell the ocean. If you fly a kite you are safe. 

The ocean makes me feel small. 

Seal watching where the Russian River meets the ocean. 

Great White a Belgian White from Lost Coast Brewery & clam chowder from The Birds Cafe. 

Prawns & chips. Excellent choice for the hunger knock. Let's Eat!


Wild Flour Bakery. This place is in the middle of nowhere. A line out the door at 2:30 in the afternoon. So good!

A dark lager called Death & Taxes from the Moonlight Brewing Co. was tasty.

Cheese & pickle board from Backyard were interesting and tasty. 

Good read + good food + a beautiful place = vacation. I think I might need to ride my bike when I get home. 

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Looks like an outstanding time! Jealous!