Friday, September 26, 2014

They Don't Maintain Themselves

I received this note from Ali last night and it prompted me to shed some light on folks doing great work on the soft surface trail systems. 

I am amazed and feeling a need to give back:

Over Monday's sunrise, I encountered a tree down as I ran the trails at Lake Fayetteville. By Monday evening while mountain biking to sunset, I found the tree had been cleared. That brought quite a smile to my face...and a question to my mind. Which group or person was behind the act? The week went on and the question was pushed to the back of my thoughts. Wednesday night my dog and I tackled Mt. Sequoyah. There we found "the fallen tree" on the backside to have fallen even further. My chigger fearing feet were forced to dismount and push the bike under the brush. Thursday night I went back for more Sequoyah. The brush and tree had been cleared. Even the log further up the mountain was reworked for a smoother ride. The question from earlier in the week emerged again. Who was behind this? I was so happy for the work done on the trails that I felt the need to give back. Like buying someone a beer or a gift certificate or something. I thought to ask you if you knew who did the trail cleanup?  I'd like to make a donation to their organization or get them a gift certificate.

Have you felt the same way as Ali? Have you thought about volunteering or donating? Not sure how to get connected? Here are a couple organizations that build and service our trails check'em out.

So...who has been working on Lake Fayetteville & Sequoyah this week? Shoot me an email Thanks!

Ozark Off Road Cyclists