Thursday, September 4, 2014

NWA Microcross

Cyclocross season is just around the corner. What does this mean? Microcross is on like donkey kong! Folks roll out each week on a tiny course with lots of technical bits to get better at bike skills & build race fitness. get the picture. This style of bike racing combines different disciplines and is super spectator friendly. Good Bikes is hosting the series this year. They had some good tunes rocking for the racers. Such a great scene. Folks of all levels, shapes & sizes just doing laps trying to get better. I like cross because it's so laid back compared to the road scene. Folks compete but they also chill and have a good time. A big thanks to Cooper D and Good Bikes for making it happen this year. Come out next week and ride or just hang and watch. Click here for more information.

   Start of race 1.

All sizes.


They even had a mud feature. Kevin (owner of Good Bikes) said they plan to add a sand pit and a flyover. Getty up!

Get it!

Cooper D, race promoter.

Can't stop.

Won't stop.

This kid rocks!

Heath B is all smiles. 

Run up.

Johnny danger ɹəƃuɐp. What does it mean if it's upside down?

In between races.

Race #2.

And they're off!


Packing it in.

Good times at Good Bikes!


Caroline said...

When you have a moment, would you explain the differences between a road bike and a cyclocross bike; and a cyclocross bike and a mountain bike? And what about helmets and clothes? I have noticed that road bike helmets dont have the little visor that mountain bike helmets do. And, the shirts seem different. Do people, theorectically maybe, have race bikes, equipment and outfits; mountain bikes, equipment and outfits; and cyclocross bikes, equipment and outfits? Is it a straight race to finish, or do you get scores for certain barriers, like jumpinf over a about hurdle, as opposed to walking your bike around it? Are the snakes still out?

Robin G said...

Hello! A cyclocross bike is a road style frame that has a wider fork and rear end to accommodate wider tires. Some folks will run up to 35c tires. 23c is standard on road bikes. Normally cross races involves muddy terrain. So this along with different brakes helps with mud clearance. Mountain bikes usually have suspension and super wide tires. They also use a flat style handlebar. So long story short the cross bike is really an in between bike between road & mountain. Many helmets come with a visor. But most folks choose to leave it off. In my opinion, it's more of style thing than function. Again with the kits. It's more of a style preference. Regards the race. It's a straight race to the finish. I did not see any snakes. You should come check it out next week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin, A couple of years ago I purchased a Salsa Cross bike way cheep and have used it for road riding and weight loss. life got in the way and a move from Indiana to NWA. So now I am back at cycling again and have been riding it on the road 4-5 days a week for a couple months trying to shed a few lb's. Anyway looking to give this cross thing a try. Any more microcross scheduled this month. Thanks Matt

Robin G said...

Hello Matt! Yes Microcross is on tonight. 6pm at Good Bikes bike shop off MLK. Here is a link to the FB page. I won't be there tonight. Thanks for reaching out.