Monday, March 18, 2013

Hell's Kitchen

Road Race. Part II.

Embracing rule # 5 bicycle racers from Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and small towns all across the Natural State toed the line. Racers were greeted with light rain and temps in the mid 40's. Around 8am I started to wonder who would even show up. Slowly but surely cars started pulling in and the old white church we use for registration transformed into race HQ. What is it about this sport that draws out ordinary folks to push beyond their normal boundaries, comforts, security and sometimes sanity? Thank you to all the volunteers yesterday who also embraced rule # 5.

It's ironic that registration for Hell's Kitchen is in an old unused church. 

Big thanks to Snapple & Clif Bar for supplying product to participants and volunteers.

Staging begins in Hogeye.

A natural with a megaphone.

When does tomato hill turn into Hell's Kitchen? 


Teammate PZ in good position before the steepest ramp.

Tomato hill turns into Hell's Kitchen here 17%. Some racers won't make it up riding their bikes. Thanks Bob for appropriately naming this hill many years ago.

Category 3 winner had enough left to raise a arm.

PZ winning the Master's category.

Looking down into the belly of the beast.

Pro 1/2's still on the course. Levi trying to close the gap. He goes on to finish second.

Hardest earned tool in the garage. All smiles.

Let the 'big ring' tales begin. One of the best parts of racing. Story telling and memories.

Shutting down race HQ, see ya next year.

Up next, the NWA Spring Classic.


PaigeCG said...

What's rule #5?

Unknown said...

nice work with the different filters on the pics!

Robin G said...

The rules of cycling can be found at the link below. WARNING, rule #5 uses a word not fit for children and some adults!

Robin G said...

Thanks! The iphone camera is great but needs a little help from Picasa. Then I took some artistic liberties!