Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Saturday Ride

What do you do the day before a road race?

Ride the MTB of course. Checked out the new single track at Lake Fayetteville this morning. The trail is bumpy as expected but you still get a sense of how it flows. Progressive Trail Design/OORC did a great job.  Following the contour line will make this trail fast and fun. Adding more singletrack inside the city limits is...awesome!

Drops you almost to the lake water line.

It seems like this popped up over night.

Paved trail runs just above.

It's a real gift to have this in your backyard. Get out and ride it folks!


Ian said...

Those trails look good...super flowey.

Robin G said...

It's great to have some single track inside the city limits. It's not exactly Colorado though! Next time your in town I'll grab a demo bike from the shop and will get some riding in!