Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Saturday Ride

Wheels hot errrr...wet at 8am from FBC.

Spring has sprung in Arkansas. It won't be long now before warm days out number the cold days. We had a solid group show up for a wet one this morning. It's always great to ride with folks when conditions are not so friendly. Group text messaging also helps to motivate peeps to get off the couch. If only I could share the word play that goes on around 7:30 on Saturday mornings! No one wants to be the first to pull the plug. We road for about 3 hours 50 miles or so. Good times in good company.

Steady tempo for the first hour with very little chit chat.

I drank my share of road grit this morning.

Arkansas scenery is just beautiful stuff.

Tim looking tough. He had the quote of the ride. I think he's done with "epic rides."

Black Oak is a favorite route in NWA.

There will be a lot of lions flying in Europe tomorrow.

I still haven't figured out what color Art's bike is. I like it though.

Let's eat! Breakfast burrito from Ozark Natural chased by a slice of pizza (not pictured) from Sam's Club.

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