Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Saturday Ride

Hell's Kitchen Road Race. Part I.

Every year in early spring the Snapple Cycling Team puts on the Hell's Kitchen Road Race. The course is a 20 mile loop and includes a very demanding climb called tomato hill. At some point tomato hill turns into Hell's Kitchen? I think it has something to do with the 17% ramp near the top. It's a brutal climb and depending on your category you will have to go up it several times.  

The profile speaks for itself. Steep.

Cyclists have very poor upper body strength. I'm going to be sore after sweeping the course.

What do you get for 1st place? Some cash and the coolest trophy ever. Engraved pitch fork. I love when races give out useful trophies. This one is great for home defense...or gardening.
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Hardest earned pitch forks on the planet.

CLIF BAR KOM prime. First one up the hill in each category will get some serious energy for future races.

After course prep and registration set up we squeezed in some pedal time.

Spring has sprung and we are loving it! Check back for part II.

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