Friday, March 15, 2013


Three races four days.

It is impossible to ignore the 'nervous belly' before the first race of each season. My first race in 2013 was a criterium in the Okie State. Switching your mindset from group rides and winter training to racing a criterium is not a easy transition. I was happy to keep it upright for 50 minutes. Happy to survive some vicious acceleration's and pleasantly surprised to have good enough legs to bridge gaps and get into potential breaks. Unfortunately, the breaks did not stay away. In the last lap the bunch was together and riders swarmed like angry bees to the front. I lost about 10 spots in the blink of an eye. Coming into the finish a rider managed to unclip both feet from his pedals and landed on his top tube. He swept across the road almost crashing half the field. I've never seen someone lose both pedals like that. It was three long seconds of terror, fear and relief. The sense of relief after the first race is such a great feeling. Everything slows down and the next race is met with less anticipation and more peace of mind. Bicycle racing is fun for so many reasons. You really experience a lot of different emotions.

The Okie State has some great races.

Nathan is all smiles & thumbs before the Hyde Park Criterium.

We start recruiting future teammates pretty early.

This Sunday is the Hell's Kitchen Road Race. Oh, and La Primavera that other race.

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