Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two Zero One Four

It was great to end and start a new year with 50 milers and warm temps. A ton of new faces on the ride yesterday. The first hour was tough going into the teeth of the wind but once we made it to the Hogeye 'Mall' we turned back north. With a monster tailwind we hit the Boogie Alley Strava segment at full speed averaging a little over 30 mph. Still about 4 mph slower than the PRO men/women who raced Joe Martin a few years back when it finished in Prairie Grove. Pretty amazing to see the difference in speed on Strava. Happy New Year folks!

A great group ringing in a new year on bicycles.

It took awhile with the wind and a large group to settle in.

We got it figured out.

The rolling curvy terrain after Hogeye always makes you want to ride fast. Good stuff.

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