Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Saturday Ride 6/14

A great turnout for the Saturday ride. Thanks everyone for setting those alarm clocks! I must admit, it is not pleasant waking up early on Saturday when you already do so every other day of the week. But cycling is a time intensive sport/recreation. Earlier start = back sooner so you can get on with normal weekend activities. 64 degrees had the bunch in really good spirits from the get go. Arm warmers in June is a gift. We headed northeast to tackle the Beaver Lake Loop about 55 miles of challenging rolling terrain with 3,000+ ft gain.
Morning people. that 4Kids? Yup!

Heading northeast.

Near perfect weather.

The bunch.

Spotted: Giro Empire' wants.

Habberton Rd. to Sonora Rd. is a great stretch. 

Into the teeth of the wind now. Glad to have a big group this morning. 

The new Puppy Creek Rd. is a fun connector to Wagon Wheel.

What a great morning.

Me still wants...

A ton of questions about the new steed. Here's one answer directly from Cervelo. I'm a believer.

Massive bottom bracket connects to uber skinny seat stays. 

Making for a smooth efficient ride.

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