Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Saturday Ride 6/7

The Saturday ride was doomed. Or at least that's how it felt. We had a rider crash on the way to the ride knocking a wheel out of true. Then we had another crash involving two guys about 15 minutes in. Seemed kinda eerie. I think we all get a little too comfortable sometimes when we ride with each other so much. In this case the pace slacked up just a pinch causing ripples in the bunch. It doesn't happen often on group rides but crashing is very much a part of cycling. With looming rain clouds a smaller group showed up to tackle 52 miles of Ozark goodness. The highlight was County Rd. 29/Malico Mountain Rd.

A little road rash and a broken rear derailleur hanger for Johnny Law.

CR 29 has some incredible views.

Rolling and curvy for a good bit. 

The game changer potholes have been patched up. 

After earlier crashes we took the descent with more caution then normal. 

Started with 10, ended with 5. 


Heading into Prairie Grove racing the rain clouds home. Great morning.

Let's Eat! The pad thai at Taste of Thai is delicious and pairs nicely with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

 Spotted: Will this brand be for sale at TBR? Time will tell.

This just cracked me up, so it makes the cut. My great friend Thomas U working for CLIF BAR at a event in Texas. 


Unknown said...

I was there early but the pavement was so wet that I decided to drive back home and ride in the evening.

Robin G said...

You missed a good one, minus the crashes.

Brett Robinson said...


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