Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Saturday Ride 6/21

With races in Kansas City and Little Rock this weekend a smaller group turned out to tackle 50+ miles of Ozark goodness. The bunch was in good spirits on a muggy summer solstice kinda morning. The route had about 3,000 feet of gain. Two challenging climbs, 4 Corners and Hell's Kitchen.

  Summer haze has begun.

Made our way to Viney Grove Rd. heading into PG.

Then cut over to 62 via Bob Kidd Lake.

Greasy Valley Rd. is scenic. Going south it's a slight uphill most of the way & usually a headwind this time of year. Felt like we were in slow motion.


At the top of Hell's Kitchen. It's cool to see the ridges we rode over in the background.

What goes up must come down. A great morning.

The R3 continues to impress. A more detailed review is coming.

Let's Eat! Pancho's white cheese dip is money!

My good buddy Thomas U is in from Dallas participating in the Ozark Valley Triathlon this morning.

Another good friend Jake N rode the bike leg with a team.

Over the bars trying to slow down for the transition zone.

Something looks out of place? Good times.