Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trail System Etiquette?: WHF Giveaway ENDED

Congrats to Jeff Williams. Dang! That's his second win. Jeff you should go buy a lottery ticket. I promise this isn't rigged. I'll leave the CLIF jersey at TBR this afternoon. Thanks again CLIF BAR for supplying such sweet swag and thank you WHF followers for chiming in.

The Razorback Greenway continues to make progress and with it so does the usage. I for one love seeing people out on the trail in whatever form or fashion. Cyclists, runners, walkers, skateboarders, inline skaters come one come all! As the trail system grows in popularity I find myself asking a couple questions. Mainly, what is correct etiquette? I I supposed to wave at other cyclists like our motorized brethren. Am I supposed to wave at every person on the trail? Make eye contact or completely ignore? Tough to say. On a more heated topic. What is the correct way to pass someone? I recently had someone yell at me that I should indicate that I was passing on the left. As they tooled along with earbuds in. Really? Have you ever scared the crap out of (figuratively) someone while passing? Should I feel bad about that? Hmmmm. I fixed a bell on my mountain bike because I got tired of yelling out, "on your left". A good fix. A bell on a mountain bike is one thing, but a bell on a Cervelo R3 is completely against "The Rules". And what gives with STRAVA segments on the bike path? You can be sure that no one from the bike racing community is gunning for those KOM's. My point is, there seems to be a bit of uncharted waters when it comes to the multi-use trail system and proper etiquette. I'd love to know your thoughts on this. So....I turn to you good folks. What are your pet peeves for commuting on the bike path. Keep it clean. Guess what you can win by leaving a comment?

Oh snap! A CLIF BAR jersey. Thanks CLIF BAR!

How do you win? Tell me what pet peeves you have for commuting on the trail system by leaving a comment below. 

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Tim Ray said...

Wearing headphones while walking your dog on an extension leash...

Ryan Dickerson said...

earbuds, dogs on long or no leashes, children on long or no leashes, pubescent teens throwing PDA clinics in the middle of the trail, and last but not least cyclists who treat the trail like a time trial in Le Tour. Those things all drive me crackers.

Kudos for following the rules on the C'velo!

Tony said...

Walking 5-wide, perfumed-up, sweater-wearing grammies.

Unknown said...

I hate it when I'm flying at the speed of light around lake fayetteville and I get passed by a cervelo r3. No bells, no whistles, just the sound of an engaged free wheel buzzing past me .. Not that it has ever happened. But if it did.. I'd be mad mainly because I would lose a KOM.

Sean Salazar said...

When people cross the bridges around blind corners...on the wrong side of the trail. When the FPD drive their full size vehicles on the trail (I have seen this twice), blocking all through-traffic. When cars stop at the North street crossing...even though they have a green light. When you see the occasional aspiring Grand Tour contender zip past on a time trial bike with deep profile wheels...and no helmet (I've seen this around the Lake a few times).

Tyler Kidder said...

Like many have said. Ear buds and people that don't pay attention.

Robin G said...

Some pretty good ones! I particularly appreciate Doc McCall's sense of humor!

Matthew Johnson said...

Texting and riding. Almost had a guy almost plow into me last month because he was texting instead of paying attention.

While I haven't seen it happen here, my sis out in Denver got knocked unconscious last week by a fellow cyclist who passed a runner on a sharp curve and hit her so hard she doesn't remember it happening. So, don't do that.

Unknown said...

I have seen most of the above, my pet peeves are the families with small children who spread across the entire trail with seemingly no manners toward fellow trail users. Yellow line violations. I have seen the no helmet aero bar guy zooming around lake fayetteville too. Crossing the streets on scull creek trail causes me consternation when some cars stop, some don't, and no one is sure what to do. Those and some of the others are mildly bothersome, but taken as a whole, I love riding around on the trails for a little recovery or to get across town without being in traffic. We, as the experienced, hard core cyclists, should take the high road and really take it easy/slow on the trails, watch out for the other people, and set the example for others to follow. It is not the place for us to "train".

Another pet peeve I have seen a couple times recently (including an Athlete Forward kit on Don Tyson pkwy) are cyclist on the road blowing through stoplights & stop signs in town right in front of cars. This kind of behavior gives us all a bad name and causes motorist/cyclist road rage incidents.

John S. said...

Ear buds with music so loud I can hear it and Retractable leashs.

Nathan B said...

There are things that are annoying on the trail but cyclist have to be careful not to sound like motorist in the road. I had to think about this morning as there was a group of people doing some sort of workout that required multiple cones, water bottles, and standing on the trail. I think I got to work 30 seconds later because of it.
I have flagged segments on the trail as unsafe on STRAVA. I think it made some people mad, but we really dont need to encourage racing on the trails.

Stuart Buergler said...

People frequently stop stand in the trail lanes beside the creek under the tunnel by the Wilson Park connection. Bad idea. Seems like families let their little ones roam freely there.

Mitchell said...

I love our trail system here and think I have seen most of the aforementioned examples. Personally, the 5 wide walkers who refuse to move are my peeve. That said, most users are very courteous.

Unknown said...

I usually only ride the trails with my ladies and we tend to go pretty slow, but I think the inconsiderate people are the worst.

Wes Bradshaw said...

My peeves..

1. The people who take up both lanes with their animals, kids, friends etc.. .

2. Unleashed animals, it's illegal and dangerous.

3. Hipsters.

4. Cars that yield to bikes at the crossings. It causes confusion on both sides of the coin as we trail users don't have the right of way. Some users will go through the stop signs full on expecting the cars to stop. Some drivers have locked the brakes up in effort to let people across. A leap of faith either way I'm not willing to take. I do however share some guilt in sometimes rolling on through when it's more than obvious no cars are coming.

5. Athlete Forward kits blowing through the red lights on Don Tyson. ;)

Zachary McCool said...

My number one issue is the yellow line rule. All trail users, regardless of size or speed, need to follow the yellow line rule. That way families of 5 or the pet owner with the dog can be safely passed by faster trail users when the line is dashed. We all need to treat it like driving our vehicles when we are on the trail. Even going to the TBR WNW I feel uncomfortable crossing said yellow line.

On a side note, hearing a bell coming from a SS is bad @$$ as they pass you. Not so much coming from a geared rider.

Unknown said...

I dislike seeing the people drinking wine, whisky, or whatever out of brown paper sacks and knowing the next time I ride past, that paper sack will be left on the trail.

Johnny Law said...

I hate it when I'm patrolling the trail on the motorcycle and jack wagons bitch because I'm out there with something that has a motor. I'd prefer trail users really are safe on the trails versus having a false sense of security (no officers patrolling the trail. Sean S, sorry for the couple times you saw a FPD in a full sized vehicle on the trail. Ever think they were looking for a suspect that stole a bike and took it on the trail or looking for a suspect of something worse? Sorry Rob, I had to give my two cents. While we're on the subject of trail do's and don'ts, I hate it when cyclist think they have the right of way in crosswalks you don't!

Unknown said...

When people don't return my hello. Enjoy being outdoors with me people!

Robin G said...

Even the law has chimed in. Good stuff!

Ian Shell said...

Hoodlums shooting out the trail system lights and spray painting fences - there's no place for those oxygen thieves in society.

Richard Holt said...

The pets on a long or no leash bother me the most. That being said, the trails in Little Rock are exponentially worse than the trails are up here. The worst day in the NWA trail system doesn't even compare to an average day in LR as far as volume of users and taboo behaviors go. We have it really nice up here.

Sean Salazar said...

True. I didn't even think of that Johnny L. I suppose criminals are just as free to use our beautiful trail system as we are! Thanks for pointing that out.

Dan said...

Family reunions and if your not moving, get off the trail...
Ride naked

Steve S said...

Retractable leashes. The owners might as well string a clothes line across the trail

ryan said...

Proper etiquette is to stop at the stop signs along the trail, slow down when you're supposed to, yield when you're supposed to, don't pass around blink curves, give warning when passing, and don't draft people you don't know. Doubly infuriating when it's an experienced rider, in full kit, on an expensive bike. Your Cervelo doesn't give you license to be a dick.

Thankfully most of these things are pretty rare (aside from pervasive running of stop signs) and there's occasional bad behavior too, of course, from non cyclists.

Robin G said...

Some really good insights. Seems like everyone I've talked to this week has had a near miss or total fail on the multi-use trail system. At the end of the day it's a great problem to have! A general rule of thumb is to realize when you are out on the trail, in whatever form or fashion, you aren't the only one using the trail.

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