Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Shorts 6/3

The Colombian armada set sail for Europe in 2013. They hit land in the shape of a boot in 2014. Congrats Nairo!

Man...totally bummed about Taylor Phinney breaking his leg at US Nationals. His win at ATOC was one of the coolest wins of the year for me. Equally bummed about Steve Tilford breaking his hip. Reminded of how dangerous the sport can be.

National Bike Challenge
The BCO's goal of 250 NWA cyclists participating in the National Bike Challenge has been reached! We are putting up some serious miles, burning a heap of calories & saving some serious coin! Click on the link to see the stats. https://nationalbikechallenge.org/

Monday (New)
Good Bikes ride. Leaving @ 6:30 from Good Bikes (on MLK across from Lowe's). It is intended to be a recovery pace, no-drop, skills-building/technique ride. Everyone is welcome. Hosted by University of Arkansas Cycling & Good Bikes. See Good Bikes or Arkansas Cycling on Facebook for more info.

Tuesday Night Worlds
It's summer! Come out and play. Leaving @ 5:30 from TBR or @ 6:00 from Brits & Turks.

Wednesday MTB Happy Hour Spin
I'm thinking a chill MTB spin around Lake Fayetteville followed by a pint on the patio at Apple Blossom. Leave @ 5:30 from TBR or @ 5:45 from Apple Blossom.

Athlete Forward/The Bike Route beginner ride. Leaving @ 5:45 from Owl Creek Middle School. Pace easy-moderate. No rider left behind.

The Highroller Cyclery Ride. Leaving @ 6:15 from Baum Stadium. Usually about 30 miles or so. Check them out on Facebook for ride details.

Ride fast & be safe,

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