Thursday, May 9, 2013


That old man from the north won't let go of Arkansas. Last week it snowed for the first time ever in May. I admire the old mans stubbornness but most of us are done riding bicycles in cold wet conditions. It's been a bit of a roller coaster. Overnight all the trees in Arkansas decided to grow leaves. When the land wakes from four months of slumber it's an awesome sight and wonderful time to be pedaling circles. I am often in awe of this wild Ozark landscape but none more then in spring. There is divinity in how life unravels, bursting it's seams with such unstoppable force. It makes me feel grateful for some reason. Grateful for health and movement. It won't always be with me. Grateful to share it with others. Paige makes fun of me because I stare out the window a lot. Not exactly sure why I do it. Maybe I just want to be outside instead of inside. Perhaps I love the comfort and protection of home while admiring the wild outdoors. I've loved watching the wind blow through trees since I was a kid. I love the way it sounds. The feeling of it on my skin. I love the smells (most of them) carried by its wings. I love that I can't see it or where it comes from. Only how it affects things. It's always been a reassuring thing for me. Wordless comfort. Alright! Enough of this rubbish. Get outside folks enjoy the wild Ozarks or wherever you live. Take a moment and relish wonderful spring.  

Makes me wanna take a back road!

Put a little gravel in my travel.



Just stupid awesome.

Heard someone say once, "see ya tomarr, Lord willn' and the crick don't rise." Gotta love Arkansas.


Art going up in Paige's new office. I am one part proud. One part jealous.

Got dropped by her and some of her teammates last year. Had to remind myself she has rainbow stripes on her sleeves. 

Just stinking cool. 

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