Thursday, May 30, 2013

De Fietsroute Zomer Raceklasse

The Bike Route summer race series came to an end last night. The weather was perfect and there was a ton of fun to be had on two wheels. The last couple of summers the local crit series has really started to catch on. These races do wonders for the local cycling community. Big time thank you to Ben at TBR. It's really a great scene and a good sign that our cycling community is healthy and growing. Bruce said it best the other day 'we are like family.' Which is very true on the local level. Things might get heated and we might exchange a few words every now and then when competitive spirits collide but what family doesn't have some conflict. Most of the races are put on by people who are fans of the sport that they participate in and love. From the folks working registration to the officials there is this kindred spirit. It's grassroots. It's genuine.

All smiles from Dianna working the registration table.

It's safe to say Cannondale is a popular brand here in NWA.

The Frogerelli ain't no hipster rig. 

Carl is a two time Olympian (individual pursuit 4000m/team pursuit 4000m).

Roll call.

Vince is a long time official around these parts, a fellow cyclist and genuinely a nice guy.


The 1.1 mile course is on an undeveloped plot of land. The road quality is great and the corners are wide.

You can watch the entire race from several vantage points.

Gerald closing the gap.

Stiff headwind section.

Artsy fartsy photo #1.

Artsy fartsy photo #2.

A good mix of teams in the front group. 

Artsy fartsy photo #3. 

The selection forms.

Riding off into the sunset.

Living better. Good times...


Anonymous said...

WHF, thanks for the props on my crit series. I appreciate everyone that come out and supported the event. I'm working on something unique for 2014 that would incorporate the new paving going on right now on Wyman road.

Rule #5... Keep riding!

Robin G said...

Getty up!!!