Monday, May 20, 2013


'All the sweetest winds they blow across the south.' R. Adams

May is a great month. It's the month of outdoor festivals, live music, colors of spring, porches, grilling, unpredictable weather and Johnny Cash. Normally I start listening to country music in June or July but for some reason I've already been jamming to Cash. Didn't we all get married in a fever? What is it about rolling down the windows and cruising down some scenic back road that draws you back to those southern roots. Or better yet crushing some gravel on the CX bike. The Natural State is in full swing at the moment and May is such a sweet time of year. Get out folks!

Not sure what the yellow flowers are in this field. But they always bloom in May and there are huge fields of them everywhere.

Bowers annual cray crawfish boil. These little critters are good eats.

National bike to work day. Jamin' down Mt. Sequoyah is a great way to start the day before heading to the office.

The city has been putting these peculiar bike racks in everywhere.

The dedicated commuter paths around here rock.

The greatest art is not made by human hands. We only try to replicate it and sell it for a lot of money.

Bob getting some love. Not sure who is winning. Paige looks equally delighted. 

The Saturday Ride.

Block Street Block Party. Good times tons of live music celebrating local business.

Found a shady spot to sip on a cold refreshing bev. 

Head Country...classic. 

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