Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tuesday Night


I'm sure every cycling community has a version of the mid week 'fast ride'. I wonder what other communities call it? We have a couple nicknames: Tuesday Night Fights, TNF, Tuesday Night World Championships, Tuesday Nighter. Tuesday Worlds has a long tradition here in Fayetteville. I've heard so many great stories from before my time about folks I've never met who use to rip peoples legs off. Stories like, 'Remember that time when so and so past out and we had to call his wife.' Worlds is not so much about being buddies as it is about iron sharpening iron. Egos are worn on the sleeve and the arguing starts in the parking lot deciding the route. It really is good stuff. Savagery begins when you clip in. We tear through the streets of Fayetteville on a mission to destroy one another. It's not a 'no dropper' if you know what I mean. It's about riding with people who are better then you to learn and be pushed beyond normal boundaries. It's about learning how hard you can really go. There is no race entry fee. No pressure. Just sheer focus on effort, making good decisions or not and learning from mistakes. It's about getting a hard physical workout after a long day of sitting in a chair and staring at a computer screen. That's why I love this ride. I can remember my first Tuesday Nighter way back when I was a Cat 5. I just completed my first stage race the Tour di Anna the weekend before. I did pretty good and perhaps my head was a little swollen. The route was the Lost Loop counter clockwise. On the first roller I thought I would show what I was made of and took to the front. I remember thinking 'wow okay I'm doing pretty good here.' Then we hit the second of five rollers and I was chewed up and spit out like a chump. I was hooked.

  Heading out 71. It must be noted Jason (bottom right) has the biggest calves in the bunch. I mean..dude do those things rub the top tube?

It's not all savagery. There is camaraderie and at the end of the day we are just folks who love to ride.

Tuesday Worlds starts at 6PM from the FBC parking lot. Holler at me if you need more information.

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