Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Saturday Ride

Time Warp to Devil's Den

Thanks to everyone this morning who embraced a little dirt road adventure. I know it was an audible. Thanks PZ for the suggestion. Sometimes it's good to mix things up a bit. Really was pretty cool to feel lost in the Ozark wilds for a moment. I had no idea where we would pop out. Pretty cool. I'm always happy to find new roads and see new landscapes. This ride had everything. Sorry we kind of fell apart there at the end. Some of us needed to get back. If anyone out there is interested in the Saturday ride look me up at I put out an email on Friday with meeting time/location and expectations on the route.

Setting off.


More fog. A little white out action.

x 4.

Really cool to ride under 540. I've always wondered what the bridges looked like from underneath.

We all look so tiny in comparison.

Belly shot.

Turn off Woolsey just before the bridge on Winn Creek Road and you end up in Blackburn.

The switch back descent into Devil's Den is a white knuckler best done when there are no cars to slow you down.

The tree canopy is great. It's almost fully shaded all the way down.


JMSR TT has everyone strung out.

A little break at the top before heading back to town.

Our group got whittled down a bit in the end.

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