Thursday, May 2, 2013

Random Thoughts

Anyone else suffering from Spring Classics withdrawals? Anybody looking forward to the Giro d'Italia more then the Tour de France? Nibbles, Wiggles and perhaps even Cuddles fighting for every second on monster climbs and in time trials. Time bonuses will be huge. Talk about three totally different riding styles when the road tilts. Only way the TDF will be less dull is if Wiggles rides and creates internal team drama. Will Sky have separate buses for Wiggins and Froome? Wiggles is switching to mechanical for the Giro. Is this the beginning of the end for electronic shifting? Nah.

Had a moment of subjectivity when a car load of punk kids pulled up next to me while riding and had a few laughs at my expense. Here is a list of reasons why I shan't take myself too seriously. Unless I was getting paid to ride my bike of course. Besides, I was a punk kid once.

Grown man-check
Shaved legs (but not arms)-check
Skin tight colorful lycra bib shorts with crotch pad-check
Skin tight colorful lycra jersey-check
Long black tube socks-check
Horrendous tan lines-check
Saddle sore lube applied to crotch pad-check
Fretting over what to wear (winter/spring)-check
Strava app turned on-check
Shoe covers on a warm day-check
Ride a bicycle for hours on end-check
Love this sport-check

Start line at the TBR criterium last night. I sucked royally. On the way down from my Christmas peak.

Headed home with the gents. Weather was awesome. Supposed to snow tomorrow. 

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