Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prepare to ride alone..


which way is the wind blowing
system check 1-2 1-2 check 1-2
it's hot
turn red
bridge it
one match gone
left turn
flying now
wait wait..bridge it
two matches gone
idiot driver split the group..couldn't wait
three matches gone
back in the wheels
no idea what's happening behind
what route is this again
right turn...we going to wa..nope
close the gap
match number four
it's hot
dammit MG moved to the front again
you gotsta hold on...damage control
captain to engine room...sorry sir...your ******
praise the Lord for stop signs
get out of the road
where is everybody
damn the little choice
that was okay..what a view
praise the Lord for gas stations
I'm not going to steal your soda lady
uh-oh goosebumps
short way home or stay with group
in the wheels 
good pull Josh
chip seal blah blah blah...
one more wrinkle
find your own rhythm
alone nothing left
so close
this is a nice pace
every wrinkle now
slow down Tim
hunger knock
legs empty
hope there are leftovers in the fridge
The Pedaling Dead
sorry Jake can't stop now
cold Peroni 
cold shower
upload Strava
stupid hard
safe & sound


Anonymous said...

That is dolomite! It's amazing what goes through your head when riding, especially under the hardest of conditions. The thoughts are are damn funny some time!

Robin G said...

Thanks anonymous! And nice usage of dolomite!