Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Saturday Ride 6-8

Several new faces on the ride last Saturday which is always good. With a lot of folks racing in T-town it was great to still have a solid group show up. I wanted to get on some roads we haven't ridden in awhile so we headed west cutting across the Spring Classic & Lincoln road race courses. It's starting to get warm now and the route didn't have any options for water. I think if it had been any warmer we might have gotten into some hydration troubles.

We will end up on that ridge in the distance with super views east & west. They say you can see to Oklahoma once on top.

The major obstacle of the day is an unnamed (I think)1.5 mile climb that goes up about 450 feet.

It's about time! If anyone deserved a new bike it's Ali. That old Litespeed was tired.

The view at the top is worth some temporary pain.

All kinds of strung out. 

Gustavo is a regular on the Saturday ride. He gets gaped on climbs but I've noticed that gap shrinking over the months. Props to him for keeping those pedals turning. 

Like cattle we find the shade and eat grass.

Sean (black/grey kit) is riding my first road bike I purchased it back in 2004 at the High Roller Cyclery. I sold it to my boss' kid who sold it to Sean. It's great to see the CAAD7 is in good hands and still being raced. That was when they were still made right here in the USA. Long live aluminum!

The bicycle makes me feel like a kid again. So do these little chocolate milk boxes. Thanks Paige.

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