Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sensations, Aero, Eurostyle, 5000

Euro Pros like to use the word sensation to describe how they are going on the bike. For example VDB just said in a recent interview, 'The sensations here at the Dauphin√© are more important than the result but of course I’d like to win another stage because that’s always good for your confidence.' I like the term and sort of think it's funny all the same. For the last two weeks I've been really having bad sensations. It's been a struggle to stay in the wheels. That is not to say I'm always out there crushing skulls but I like to think I can hold my own in most situations. Since no one pays me to ride my bike there is no reason to panic. So what's different? I can think of a couple things. Humidity is back, it's allergy season (Albert), new shoes and I might just be coming off that Christmas peak I'm known for around these parts. Last night at the Tuesday Worlds ride we tackled the Lost Loop which is arguably the toughest section of road around Fayetteville. When ridden 'proper' the group shatters and folks come into West Fork in groups of 2's and 3's. It's 4 miles of relentless rollers. Inevitably the skinny kids will ramp up the pace which is a good tactic. Last night my legs were good enough to make the selection but I had no business taking a pull or contesting the sprint sign. It's funny sometimes how I have to revisit healthy perspective. I usually only have to ask myself one question. Are you having fun? The answer...YES. Cycling keeps me healthy. Keeps me outside and out of the gym. I have a great group of buds through the sport and sssooommmeeetttiiimmmeeesss...the sun shines on an old dog's arse and I get an okay result in a race. For me it's more about the experience. It's about lifting your head up from staring at wheels every now and then to take in the view. It's about complimenting your riding mates who are crushing it. It's about the way you feel when you finally sit up after shredding some Ozark pavement. It's experiencing the many other very good sensations that are always there waiting for you. Last night I was happy to be outside. Happy to be healthy enough to ride my bicycle in the first place and enjoying the camaraderie of the group. Good times in good company.

John suffers from ICDD (inadvertent chain drop disease). The first symptom is usually severe bleeding from the right (not left) elbow. I hear they are making a new revolutionary drug for this but it's still in FDA testing. Kudos to John for sticking it out. One tough hombre.

Super siked about my new aero road helmet. Oddly enough it looks very much like my kayaking helmet or some kids BMX helmet. It's all the rage and I hear it's no gimmick. I can't wait to test it out in the wind tunnel of real life. 

Kudos for the custom decals. Can you see all the watts I'm saving. Cycling is akin to golf. Gotta have a specific club for that very specific shot. Wait a minute...that is my kayaking helmet. Aerodynamic meets hydrodynamic. I'll sell it to you for a scant $240. One helmet for two sports!

Okay for real. This is my new favorite product. Why? Simple, it lasts way longer then the previous brand I was using. Speaking of sensations. There is a cooling affect. Imagine a cool winters breeze. Now imagine it down there where the sun don't shine. Great for hot summer days. Keep it cool, keep it saddle sore free. 

It also has these very important words underneath all the other fancy words of foreign tongues. Made in the USA. These folks are just yonder of us in the Show-Me State. Eurostyle made in America (irony).

Artsy fartsy #1. 

Artsy fartsy #2.

 Which plate is drafting? Let's Eaaaat!

Big thanks to all you WHF followers out there. The blog is approaching 5,000 views. I started this thing in February as a creative outlet and because I love riding bikes in the Natural State. The feedback I'm getting so far is good photos, more food stuff and keep it short and to the point. Thanks again for tuning in. It's a blog for all the non genetically gifted athletes out there. Ride fast & be safe!

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