Monday, June 3, 2013

Clif Bar, Tornados & Eggs

Born on a Bike + Kitchen Crafted + Family & Employee Owned = CLIF BAR

Clif Bar officially opened their Fayetteville office this past Friday. The teams main focus is servicing the Walmart & Sam's Club businesses. As a cyclist and fan of the sport I sometimes have to pinch myself with the unique opportunities I've had over the last couple of years because of Paige's job with Clif. Not to mention my jersey pockets are never empty! The company is founded/owned by Gary & Kit Erickson. Gary & Kit are unassuming, humble in demeanor and truly inspiring people. Their story is one of those great American stories that can be described by these words: courage, integrity, hard work, passion and adventure. I highly recommend reading Gary's book Raising the Bar (see link below) it's the story of Clif Bar and it's super inspirational wherever you are in life. 

Link to Amazon: Raising the Bar The Story of Clif Bar, Inc.

Huge thanks to Ben at The Bike Route for making it possible for me to take these good folks on a ride. One word for you Ben...'Pro'. There is no better way to explore a city and new surroundings then by bicycle.  

The office.

It wouldn't be a Clif event without live music, great food and good people.

A natural with a microphone (or megaphone) Ben raffling off a TBR gift card.

Did you know that they also make wine? My current favorite is Kit's Killer Cab. Check out the link below for details. If you're ever in Napa Valley you have to stop by the Velo Vino tasting room. It's where bicycles & wine meet.

The company recently celebrated 20 years. The office is filled with tons of inspirational prints.

Some of the original packaging.



My favorite. Gary with his dad Clifford Erickson. Yup, Clif Bar is named after Gary's dad. It's a great story. An American story.  

Tornado Relief Bike Tour

Kudos to local cyclist Phuong Mueller for organizing the Tornado Relief Bike Tour. They ended up raising about 3,000 dollars. 

Over 100 cyclists showed up to ride and donate money. 

The peloton stretched from Drake Field all the way into Greenland. 

Let's Eat! Someone famous once said, 'if you liked it, you shoulda put an egg on it' okay that might be slightly altered. Butternut Squash, Pesto, Two Cheese, Roasted Pine Nuts, Capers with Bacon & Eggs Pizza. Paige calls it the kitchen & sink pizza.

Look at that goodness. Slap your momma good! But don't really slap mom.