Monday, June 24, 2013

The Saturday Ride 6-22

Lincoln Loop

The wheels rolled hot at 7:01. The body was hot at 7:16. It's not the temperature. It's the super humid air. I'm not complaining. Just trying to get on with it all. Here is what I consumed in a 3 hour 50 miler.

I probably should have taken down two more bottles.

The kicker is I still lost nearly 5lbs of water weight. Steve said he thought a bird pooped on him then he realized it was just my sweat getting blown back into the bunch. Not sure which is better. Any WHF followers that live in extreme humid places please share any wisdom you might have with getting on in these conditions in the comments section below. I would be much obliged. This is not a rule #5 deal for me it won't stop me from riding. The good news is that the conditions did not feel miserable because of the early start and cooler actual temperature. But the bad news is the real summer temps begin this week breaking into the 90's. Do I need to rock the Camelbak on the road? Do I need to get an all white kit? Ice socks?

Getty up it's summer! Time to suffer.

I do like starting earlier. The light is perfect for photoging.

Even with the races going on in KC and NLR we still had a solid group. 

Free and easy....

The light looking back into the sun is totally different.

The climb before the climb.

Gem Rd. climb is .6 miles with 257 feet of gain.

The road is straight up and down.

The next stretch of road is great. With super views looking southwest. 

Not a single car until we got close to Lincoln.

Not sure how many miles you can see at this point but it is pretty spectacular.

This is a Arkie sidewalk cafe. The shortened version of the word quik even helps to make your departure more speedy. Be sure to grab a handful of bacon on the way out. I love the facial expressions on the old timers when the lycra gang rolls up and takes over. 

Easily $15,000 dollars in man powered machinery.

Arkie sidewalk cafe seating looks like this. It's dual purpose of course. The drink of choice Coke heavy.

Summer haze.

The boys of summer wind up for the city limit sign.


Who knew you could go 60 mph on the descent out of Lincoln. Good times. Don't tell Paige.

Searching for 'dirty air' in the wind tunnel of real life. Looks very much like my living room.


Levi Baker said...

Sun sleeves might be worth a try if you ever sleep in and start riding after 10 AM

Robin G said...

Thanks Levi. I'll look into the sun sleeves. I know my white kit makes a significant difference. Hopefully I'll adjust but it just seems hotter then normal. It had to be hot KC this weekend. I saw that your team had good results. Congrats!

josh said...

freeze a camelbak overnight and wear it out on your rides. the frozen water is cooling and as it melts will provide extra hydration- cold hydration at that. doesn't weigh much on your back if you get a smaller one.

Robin G said...

Thanks Josh, I like this idea. For whatever reason it's acceptable to ride with a Camelbak on the MTB and not on the road. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm going to try it this week for sure. Getty up!

Caleb said...

Back when I lived in NWA, I just tried ride behind my friend Rob when it got toasty. It pretty much tripled the amount of sweat I was exposed to.

Robin G said...

Ha! Those were some good times. I still remember that ride we did in the heat of summer when I bonked royally and you dragged me around. I locked up both legs on Razorback road by the stadium. That was embarrassing. Hope your still turning pedals in the show-me state.

Caleb said...

I remember that! Pretty sure it wasn't fitness-related, since you drug me around on every other ride. Something weird was going on. It's still the only time I've seen somebody's quads roll up like armadillos and disappear into their shorts.

I ride a little up here, but I really miss the roads down there. Keep up the great work. Don't tell anybody, but I cry a little every time I scroll through the pictures.